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9 Darn Good Friends and Their Fiber Projects



Yes, it's passion that keeps us reaching and going. We love inspiring all our Darn Good Yarn family by providing amazing products and an ethical business model. And you know what? Our dear family of crafters really inspires the Darn Good Yarn team and we absolutely love hearing from you on facebook, other social media, and be phone or email!

close up of yarn strings

Gorgeous, Simply Gorgeous

So I want to share with you some of our amazing crafters and their creations. I don't necessarily have their patterns but their words and photos are truly awe-some!

1. Check out this work in progess (WIP) above from @susieddesign . This eye popping weaving is simply breathtaking. @susieddesignbottom says the "fringe is black Tshirt yarn I cut and some beautiful silk sari yarn called Spice Market by Darn Good Yarn . Then I used the Spice Market for some soumak weave and wool roving soumak weaves after that." Thank you Susie!

close up of yarn scarf

2. Michaela L. just sent this to our facebook page. Michaela  found this awesome pattern by Lisa Mutch at Ravelry.com. Michaela used 3 skeins of our sari silk ribbon and she says " I folded the finished product in half and sewed four inches together in the back". Thanks Michaela for sharing with us your amazing creation! Your color choice is amazing!

yarn garland

3. Our very own Keri loves to craft. She uses the pom-pom maker to create this very cool Fall wreath a while back. Now, you might want to be make one using holiday colors! Here is the how-to of this pomp-pom wreath. We love supporting all kinds of crafters!

yarn scarf

4. Have a vegan friend or two? We cater to our vegan friends and love this idea for a banana fiber scarf ---@kaleidoscopicalkraft is working on Christmas gifts!  Made from our kaleidoscope banana fiber yarn, the scarf has so many amazing colors! And yes, our banana yarn is made from real bananas!

yarn weaver with yarn

5. I love to weave but am quite a novice even after several years. Anyone else out there weave? @jamiedebree started this loom project using our recycled silk yarn and reminds me to say hey to all our weavers. The fibers we carry our so darn unique that you are going to love using them for weft in your weaving! Thanks for sharing this lovely piece, Jamie!

flower pots made out of fiber

6. Shala Kerrigan at DontEatThePaste is one of our very creative, designer friends and we love collaborating with her. She is our Artist of the Month  and we love the Jar Cozies Kit. A crochet project that requires two skein of our Neon Handmade Sari Silk, you can also order the downloadable pattern! Fantastic work, Shala!

close up of yarn bag

Tina's Tote

7. This story is just so beautiful it needs to be shared. Darn Good Yarner Joanne shares a family story of how her DGY project has sent ripples through her family (as well as across the globe). 

"I am the youngest of 3 girls. Our mom passed away 21 years ago and now our Dad is battling Alzheimer's and is not doing too well. My oldest sister is getting ready to retire and I wanted to crochet her something special. I spoke about this to my middle sister and a few days later she called me and told me that she had purchased DGYarn with some money that she had gotten from our dad. We decided together that this special gift would be from the three of us: Dad, my middle sister and myself. Chances are, when my older sister retires, my Dad won't be there, but this gift that he is part of would be." 

"I'm sending along some pictures to you of the bag I made. It's an original design and I call it "Tina's Tote" in honor of my big sis." Thank you Joanne for sharing the beauty of hand made gifts and your very moving story.

Sweet Dreams

I'd like to end this blog that is loaded with love and creativity with two more end of the day, sweet creations!

yarn dreamcatcher hangind over a fence

8. First, I want to share another beautiful dreamcatcher made by Bohemian Mermaid. Her ideas come to life in her amazing and unique dreamcatchers. This is another great use of our sari silk ribbon! Thank you, Kerry!

close up of yarn weaving project

9. Lastly, I want to send you off in peace with this lovely weaving, Thanks Chel for this awe inspiring weaving using many unique fibers.@chel_c_marie created this beautiful piece of art and is going to be our December Artist of the Month!

Thanks to each and everyone of our customers that brings such joy of creativity to us each and every day. Yes, we have global reach and one creative experience after another brings us all together as one. We can't wait to see what you come up with next so please share your Darn Good creative endeavors with us on twitter, instagram, and facebook!