7 Common Yarn Problems (Or Knot)

No problem!

I find it to be a problem to write about yarn problems. I mean, our Darn Good Yarners are our friends and so is all that creative fiber we have. Problems do happen when working with fiber and like life, it's how you deal with them that matters! I love yarn so yarn problems are on oxymoron just like jumbo shrimp!

yarn wind close up over a table

1.Tangles and knots - Yeah, we all see hanks and skeins where things just don't unravel smoothly. What I always do before starting a project is to roll the yarn into balls. I prefer a couple of balls per skein as I love to have manageable balls that I can tote around with me. Have swift, will travel!

yarn skein over a white background

2. Another reason I love to have my yarn in balls? I can address any issues before I am in the middle of the project. Fair trade, hand spun, or hand made- even if you have yarn that is processed assembly line style in a factory-yarn does have flaws at times. Personally, I much prefer to have my yarns rolled and ready to rock so I can just focus on my project.

yarn bowl over table

3. I use a wooden yarn bowl. The DGY yarn bowls come in a few options for sizing and style. Again, I have my yarn in a ball and the yarn bowl makes the process fluid and my progress uninterrupted. Like a relationship, putting some effort in at the beginning will help keep things running smoothly.

yarn skeins

4. Color! Yes, any of you that read the DGY blog regularly know that I am a color junkie! So how do we choose colors? Yes, if you hit the big box store you will find yourself burrowing in bins and trying to find matching dyelot numbers. Here at DGY, we don't have dye lots- we do have skeins that absolutely are the same. An example would be our Premium Chiffon Ombre Packs!

yarn skeins

5. We are super into the creative side of things and love that our Darn Good Yarners are adventuresome souls! So yeah, some of our fair trade and recycled yarns, are not exact in color. We happen to love that! Our Chiffon Ribbon Color Packs are one of a kind and each skein is a little different! When you order one of these packs, you'll get the color and shades in the picture but not the exact skeins that are pictured!! Love!

yarn close up

6. Have vegan crafters who don't want to use certain fibers? That's not really an issue either because we have great plant based fibers like even banana! Being vegan matters and that's why we have a fiber line for our vegan friends. Our Specialty Yarns come in a multitude of categories to meet lots of unique yarn needs!

7. I don't know about you, but I really consider where things come from before I buy them. I hugely want to upcycle, recycle, and unicycle(NOT!!!) whenever I can. Using recycled fibers means giving yarns, threads, and fabrics a new life. DGY is super proud that we have kept more than 1,000,000 pounds of saris OUT of landfills and reincarnating them into new materials!

yarn skein

Okay, so I don't see yarn as a problem. For me, it is the life blood that runs through my veins. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we are solving problems like how to keep reusable materials out of landfills. We are very proud of the many women that make some of our gorgeous handspun yarns which provides them with meaningful work.

Yarn? No problem at all! It's like a passionate relationship and the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it!!! But if you do have a yarn challenge, please  contact us because we would love to help you!  See our contact page for more info.