Yarn Store Spotlight: Brainstorm Art Supply

Yarn Store Spotlight: Brainstorm Art Supply

Nestled in the heart of central Vermont, Brainstorm Art Supply stands as a testament to creativity and sustainability. Founded in 2022 by the passionate female entrepreneur Jeannie Catmull, this independent art supply store has blossomed into a beacon for artists, crafters, and creatives alike. With a meticulously curated selection of high-quality materials, Brainstorm offers a haven for fine arts, fiber arts, and craft enthusiasts, drawing inspiration from its surroundings and its community.

Yarn Store Spotlight: Brainstorm Art Supply

Brainstorm Art Supply founder, Jeannie Catmull, pictured in front of an array of colorful and sustainable yarn in the background

One of the store's enduring staples is the vibrant and ethically sourced yarn from Darn Good Yarn, which has graced its shelves since the beginning. Crafted from recycled sari silk, this collection not only captivates customers with its unique story but also resonates deeply with Brainstorm Art Supply's commitment to sustainability—a core value cherished by both the store and its patrons.

Celebrating Sustainable Artistry

Jeannie Catmull Brainstorm Art Supply 'Trichromancy Wheel'

Upon entering Brainstorm Art Supply, visitors are greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, each aisle brimming with creative possibilities. The presence of Darn Good Yarn not only ignites creativity but also serves as a tangible embodiment of the store's eco-conscious ethos. It's a place where artistry and passion converge, inspiring both seasoned artists and newcomers alike to explore the rich tapestry of artistic expression.

One shining example of this convergence is the Trichromancy Wheel, a standout piece in the Trichromancy: Color Divination fiber arts show. Co-curated by Catmull and Fern Strong, this masterpiece intricately crafted with Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn showcases the mesmerizing interplay of color and form. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the boundless creativity that flourishes within Brainstorm's walls.

Fostering Community, Inspiring Innovation

Darn Good Yarn Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon at Brainstorm Art Supply

But Brainstorm Art Supply is more than just a purveyor of fine materials—it's a hub for learning and growth. In addition to its vibrant showcase of art supplies, the store hosts an array of workshops designed to inspire and educate. 

Brainstorm Art Supply and Fern Strong: Rug Hooking Fiber Arts Workshop

Among the upcoming offerings is Rug Hooking with Fern Strong scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd from 10am-1pm. This hands-on experience promises to teach participants the art of rug hooking, with expert tips and tricks along the way!

At Brainstorm Art Supply, creativity flourishes amidst a commitment to sustainability that runs deep. From the vibrant hues of ethically sourced yarn to the intricate masterpieces crafted from repurposed materials, every corner of their store is a testament to the power of artistry and eco-consciousness.

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