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Why You Should Buy Yarn Online

Have you ever shopped with an online yarn store? Shopping for yarn has an excitement and satisfaction that other shopping just does not give you. At one time, you only had the choice to buy in-store, but today, you have far greater options with all that is available with online yarn shops. Each shopping experience has its own merits and drawbacks, but the smart shopper will make the best of both worlds. If you have avoided buying yarn online, we are here to tell what you've been missing!

Woman's hands holding 3 balls of purple hemp yarn over a green bush

Buying Yarn In-Person

Historically, and for several reasons, we've always shopped for yarn based on what brick and mortar stores have to offer:

  • They're usually nearby
  • You can touch and smell (do you do this too?!) the yarn
  • You can color match to your work by bringing it with you

Despite these advantages of convenience, there are also some drawbacks!

  • Stock is limited to the store's space
  • Within the stock that is available, dye lots may not match
  • The number of in-person yarn shops is dwindling every year
  • A trip to the store takes away from precious time you could be working on a project!

Advantages of Buying Yarn Online

Think of shopping yarn online as personal access to your vendors.
  • The online shops want you to buy, so there are often incentives in the form of first time and bulk discounts, buying in bulk to nab a volume dye lot in a single purchase, membership exclusives, etc.
  • The yarn is  delivered right to your door. You don't have to put on pants, leave the house, or stop working on your current project!
  • Online access to experts - Here at Darn Good Yarn we have in-house fiber and yarn experts who are always available to help you choose the right yarn for your projects.
  • You still get to use your senses to choose yarn! Most online yarn companies (Darn Good Yarn included, of course) do a great job of describing the properties of the yarn so you still get a good feel for what you're purchasing.

Engaging with Others Online

In the age of the internet, there are still ways to evaluate yarn qualities through reading reviews and comments, exploring blogs and forums, searching projects that use your yarn of choice, or even contacting the seller directly with your questions. You'll begin to see how helpful review comments are for others who are wanting to know if a given yarn is itchy or soft, if it holds up in the wash, or if it pills very much. Some sites may have these characteristics captured in the product descriptions. Any decent vendor welcomes your inquiries and works to provide you with what you need to arrive at a decision to purchase.
When in doubt, go with what you know and purchase those yarns you have used successfully and liked how they looked and felt. The more you learn about different yarn characteristics, the easier it is for you to judge what you see on the screen.

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As you explore, you shall find that there are countless sites from manufacturers representing their lines, to individual proprietors seeking to provide that familiar connection for the yarn worker. Save yourself the drive and venture out into the virtual yarn stores. Your trips through the web will take you to many sites inviting you into worlds of product you would otherwise have never found at your local brick and mortar venues.

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