What Our Fiber Friends Are Talking About: Ceramic Yarn Bowls

Yarn bowls. Some are skeptical as to if they'll actually make a difference in helping you stay organized, if they really keep your yarn from rolling around and if it prevents yarn from getting tangled. Here's what some DGY customers have to say about their ceramic yarn bowls: 


blue Ceramic Yarn Bowl sitting on a cream and brown striped crochet blanket

Photo: @McGregorKnits

"I've been knitting for more than 50 years and have accumulated many "gadgets" over the years, some worked well and others have been stored in a drawer never to be used again. Yarn Bowls are the most practical accessory I have ever purchased. If you have ever struggled with slippery yarn falling apart which become tangled, the Yarn Bowl is the solution."-Iris F.

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Cat-illustrated Ceramic Yarn Bowl sitting on a gray surface with two multicolored balls of yarn

Photo: @carolchurchey

"It is both beautiful and functional. It holds a 1-skein ball of yarn with no problem, and has a place for my crochet hook (or knitting needles) when I'm not working. This is my second yarn bowl; I bought it because sometimes I have more than one project going at a time." -Terry S.

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Close up of woman wearing a striped sweater and holding a rooster-shaped Ceramic Yarn Bowl in both hands

"I love my new yarn bowl. It makes crocheting easier for me. No more losing my ball all over the place. Service was quick as well." -Sharon A.

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Ceramic Yarn Bowl holding a purple ball of yarn, sitting on a wooden surface next to a gray and cream-colored crochet project

Photo: @jennifer.marie.ci

"I absolutely love my yarn bowls! They are very roomy and the ceramic glaze is super shiny and smooth, just what you need for yarn! PS-supporting a micro business like yours makes me feel pretty good too!!" -AnnMarie J.

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Ceramic Yarn Bowl holding a pink ball of yarn on a black table surface

Photo: @timeloveandyarn

"Beautifully glazed bowl for my daughter who knits also. It came in a safe wrapping and on time It’s a terrific affordable gift, for any knitter" -Karen R.

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White Ceramic Yarn Bowl holding a pink ball of yarn, wooden knitting needles, and a matching crochet project, sitting on a wooden surface next to a ceramic bust and two gold candle holders

Photo: @elizabmakes 

"This is a beautiful bowl . Striking color. Also very functional. Smooth and does not snag the yarn. Big enough for the yarn to move freely." -Alisa C.

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White Ceramic Yarn Bowl with two purple skeins of yarn and a crochet hook, sitting on a wooden surface

Photo: @crazychickscorner 

"Such a pretty bowl! I received this as a gift, I love it. It holds a small ball of yarn (such as the skein/cake I got from my DGY subscription!) and the yarn feeds smoothly through the opening.... the extra little holes on the side are great as temporary storage for my needles when I have to get up! The blue glaze is a lovely color." - Sarah W.


Still not sure how to use your yarn bowl? Learn more from Founder and CEO, Nicole, here