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What Is Boho Style?

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Boho, or Bohemian is style of clothing that is eclectic, natural, relaxed and heavily patterned. It has a vintage influence, with roots in the 60’s and 70’s, dating all the way back to the 18th century at the turn of the French Revolution! Boho style uses variety to express in values in social, emotional, and artistic themes: it rebels against the bland and strict, and revitalizes flowing, feminine energy. 

Bohemian or ‘Boho’ style today is geared towards a grounded, but vibrant aesthetic that makes room for comfort and visual abundance, often mixing and matching textures and patterns along the way!

The Shape Of Boho: Flowing

Boho style is notorious for flowing skirts, vests, dresses, and having plenty of pockets. These wide shapes are often cinched with a belt, or offset by a wide brim hat! Bell sleeves and flare pants are also on the menu, creating a functional and flowing style of fashion that is designed to make the wearer feel free, at ease, and glowing.

A pale woman with red hair is twirling in a bright red festival dress.

The Boho Color Palette

The Boho look has a story behind its construction, usually starting off with raw and simple clothing, and then adding the trademark dazzle and personality on top. This paint-on-a-canvas way of dressing represents the artistic, earthy flare that we all know and love! It’s very common to see Boho styled with denim and neutral base pieces, then added accessories and outerwear adorned with every color imaginable, handmade details, and a story behind each piece. Think… ‘artist taking over a library’ to keep with this theme.

Experimenting With Boho Style

Bohemian style loves to flow, and to spark the creativity of the wearer. It often plays with mixing and matching colors, textures, and layers! To truly get into the Boho spirit, don’t be afraid to collect different jewelry, scarves, and statement pieces. For a full boho-lifestyle look, keep your fashion items out on open display in your room, and have fun with it! Treat it like a scavenger hunt by allowing yourself some time to be whimsical, and try on different combinations while you’re getting ready.

A person wearing a warm red and yellow medley scarf around their torso as a tube top.

Respect & Boho Curiosity

Despite the wild and free nature of a typical Boho outfit, this style also carries an air of respect along with it. The long and flowing skirts are a reflection of blending cultures and a love for travel, giving them a modest and grounded feel. The eclectic nature of the bohemian style welcomes new experiences, and has a gentle reverence for others’ lifestyles, opinions, etc. Boho living is about learning and exploring, after all!

Love In Style

Ultimately, the Bohemian style stems from creativity, worldliness, and love. Through every silhouette and color combination, the overarching feel of Boho style is its warmth and approachability. It’s that open, adaptive spirit that draws people to adopt it decade after decade! And for those of us who live it out, it’s the reminder we give to ourselves every time we bend to help someone pick up what they've dropped, without worrying about if our floor-length skirts are going to cover.

Boho style is dressing to say… ‘Awesome, what’s next??’

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