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Top 8 Office Supplies for Crafty Souls

In this world, there are two distinct types of offices. One is cold, utilitarian, uncomfortable, and depressing. It might have a desk and a chair, perhaps even some storage solutions. A cork board, a plant. But it doesn’t inspire, uplift, or comfort you…even though you spend upwards of forty hours in that space—each and every week! The alternative? A cozy, comfortable, personalized, and warm space that you can feel good about making your own. The right office can help you work harder, stay focused, and feel more balanced. Instead of grinding out work in an effort to go home early, the ideal office will be a place you return to with positive feelings, over and over again.

So, how do you achieve the latter situation? Whether your office is a corporate cubicle, a bonus room in your house, or a contemporary co-working space, there are tons of options that can help you level-up your office into something a little more enjoyable and comfortable. This summer, take some time to personalize your space and make it your own. Check out our “office-ial” DIY-focused favorites for a little inspiration!

1. Planner

Navy blue planner cover with small wildlife animals and leaves, sitting on a white background

When I want to feel organized and ready to work, I turn to my planner. At this point, I don’t go anywhere without it, just like my cell phone and car keys. I not only plan out the days, weeks, and months ahead, but I use my planner to collect notes, make to-do lists, and generally keep my information organized. This Cute Wildlife Daily + Weekly Planner is a favorite because of its adorable exterior and endless customization options. The best part? You can get started right now instead of waiting until January because you customize the dates yourself. Starting a new school year, a project at work, or season of life? This planner runs on your schedule. Flexible, durable, and the ideal size for an on-the-go lifestyle, this planner is a must-have.

2. Area Rug

Felt ball rug sitting on a front porch with two potted plants, a blue wooden chair, sitting in front of a white door

Call me crazy, but when it comes to making any space more cozy, warm, and homey, the quickest way to bring the snuggle-vibes is with an area rug. That’s right, even in a teeny-tiny office or cubicle, there is always room for a rug under your desk, under your chair, or even at the entrance to your space, marking it off as your own. This Handcrafted Limited Edition Felt Ball Rug is super fun and colorful. Got a case of the Mondays? Not anymore. A bright rug can put a smile on your face, as well as the faces of those who visit your office. Plus, it is a great way to customize your space without adding another object to your desk.

3. Office Blanket

Pink floral kantha quilt folded on a white background

We all have those moments at work when we’re feeling sad, lonely, depressed, or isolated. There are hours to go until quitting time, and the AC is on full blast, making the whole building an uncomfortable place to be. The solution? An office blanket! I swear by the office blanket. Left folded on the back of a chair, it looks inviting and decorative. Draped across my lap or shoulders, it becomes a cozy protection against the work blues. My current fave is the Kantha Quilt Beach Blanket, because it is reversible, cotton, and large enough to wrap around myself during moments of workplace despair. Because everyone has those every once in awhile…right? Right.

4. Laptop Case

Blue felted laptop case with a silver macbook sliding out, sitting on a white background

One of the office supplies I am always on the hunt for is a beautiful, high-quality laptop case. In this Felted Laptop Case, I think I have finally found “the one!” With this unique case, I can keep my prized possession safe, protected, and zippered-in. With snaps on the outside of the case provides extra protection, and the bright, floral felt makes this a gorgeous conversation piece for at home, on-the-go, or in the office. It doubles as a soft place to rest my laptop when it sits on my desk and these cases are handmade by artists in Nepal. A win-win-win in my book!

5. Desk Accessories

Multicolored pen holder cup with multiple colored markers inside, sitting on a beige textile backdrop

Once you have made your office space cute and cozy with rugs, lighting, and the ever-important Office Blanket, it is finally time to jazz up your desk accessories. If you are going to spend eight hours of your day typing, writing, talking, and working at a desk, you might as well make it a beautiful and life-giving place. For those who are DIY-lovers and proponents of sustainability, you might consider this Pen Holder – Handmade in Nepal.  These pen holders are made my an amazing women-owned business and are actually created using repurposed trash found in landfills. Talk about a conversation piece! Show your coworkers what you stand for with this ethical, sustainable desk accessory.

6. Notepads

Serape notepad sitting on a white background

Ready to start crossing off your to-do list? Make lists and notes with ease when you invest in some fashionable notepads! There are endless options for borders, patterns, and designs that will make your notes pop and make looking at your list a little less scary. Our favorites are this Serape Notepad and Cactus Notepad. With their trendy, Southwestern looks, these notepads can be stowed away in a drawer or displayed proudly on the desktop.

7. Notebooks and Journals

Multicolored abstract journal notebook sitting on a white background

Are you more of a paragraph-writer than a list-maker? Do you like to doodle, write letters, and jot down ideas during the workday? Keeping a collection of blank notebooks and journals will help you ensure that you always have a place to keep your daily inspirations. Handmade Journal Notebooks are perfectly imperfect, uniquely crafted and created with unlined paper, so your mind can travel untethered! For even more inspiration, check out this collection of Gratitude Journals. Each one has a beautiful cover, journal prompts, and quotes, all bound together in a spiral notebook.

8. Finishing Touches

Blue painted wooden sign with white words that read ' Be silly, be honest, be kind. -Ralph Waldo Emerson' sitting on a white background

Once you have the desk accessories, stationary, and textiles you need for your office, it is officially time to put the finishing touches on the space. What better way than with a sign that shows off your personality and tells your coworkers a little about yourself? These Painted Wooden Signs, handcrafted in the US, are a mix of quirky, funny, sentimental, and downright silly. Whatever your style, you will be able to find one that matches your unique personality and office culture. Ta-da! Now you can check “redecorate office” off your list.