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The Pride Style Guide

Written by Kate Curry

Are you ready for pride?! Here at DGY, we’re all so ready to go party! Whether you’re marching in a parade, watching the parade, joining a big dance party, or celebrating quietly at home, we have made a pride style guide to help you come up with a few (c’mon, we love a good outfit change!) amazing outfits to help you express yourself

Before you choose your outfit, remember: 

  • It’s June - in most places, it’s going to be extremely hot! Avoid anything stifling and make sure you bring sunscreen and hydrate! The night before and right before you leave your house, chug some electrolytes and bring some water with you! 
  • Most places will be packed - wear a mask and have a meet-up area with your group. Keep an eye on the people around you in case anyone gets overheated or lost! 
  • You’re gonna be boogying or marching - ya gotta be comfy! Don’t make yourself uncomfortable because of your outfit! 


Sari Wrap Skirt

A person is facing away from the camera, looking into the setting sun. They're on a white sand beach, and they're holding out a rainbow sari wrap skirt.
Learn all the ways to wrap your sari skirts here!

These skirts are perfect party wear! They’re also cooling and temperature regulating because they’re made from reclaimed and recycled sari silk material! You can wear them as skits, tops, shawls, dresses and more! This is the king of color, adjustability, and versatility. 

Groovy Festival Dress

A petite girl with short brown hair is standing in a park by a dark-colored stream. She's wearing a backless red dress and her back is facing the camera.

How can we not love this dress? This one-of-a-kind piece has a crochet knit top with the skirt of the dress made from recycled sari fabric, giving it a unique look that is sure to turn heads. It’s also backless to give you a little bit of relief from the heat! 

Heather Bolero Vest

A tanned girl with long dark hair is posing for the camera, wearing a mustard yellow top and short set and a colorful striped vest.
Featured in Red

Personally, I have one of these vests for one of my own pride outfits this year! The sleeveless design is made from a durable woven fabric, and features a striped pattern with fringed hem. The colors are amazing and you can pair your vest with a cute tank to look cool and cute! 

Sedona Patchwork Skirt

An image of two different Nicole's. One Nicole is wearing a blue skirt with a white tee-shirt and the other Nicole is wearing that same blue skirt as a halter top dress. The image has the text 'wear ti as a skirt or a dress' with two arrows pointing at the skirt and dress options.
Each sedona is one of a kind

These skirts are killer for parties and parades! Their smocked elastic waistband allows for this skirt to be worn around the hips or around the chest to make a one-of-a-kind dress! Made from reclaimed sari fabrics, these skirts are the perfect mix of boho chic, breathable elegance, and slow fashion. They’re colorful and so incredibly comfortable. 

Amara Short Recycled Sari Duster

A person wearing a black and white bikini, a teal blue sari duster, and mirrored glasses is walking up the beach, away from the ocean in the background.

100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India, just like our sari wrap skirts. Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own! They are handmade at our partnered co-ops. Since these dusters are made out of reclaimed sari silk, it can help keep you cool in the summer heat! 


Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf

A stunning plus sized black woman is posing underneath a flowering pink tree. She's wearing a bright orange wrap skirt and an orange and pink scarf tied around her chest as a tube top.

I love wearing this scarf as a hair wrap and a top! They’re handmade with 7 strips of bright sari material, making each one of these scarves a unique mystery! If you’re going for an eclectic-boho vibe for your pride outfit, this scarf would be the perfect addition. 

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The Kameela Knot Headband

A tanned girl with curly dark hair is smiling into the light at the left of the image. In her hair, she's wearing a green and orange kameela knot headband.

The Kameela is a comfortable, stylish, and versatile headband that's great for adding a pop of color atop your head! These are all handmade out of reclaimed materials, which means that no two headbands are exactly alike. The elastic band allows the headband to keep up with any style, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off if you decide to go for that death drop. 

Reusable Furoshiki Gift Wrapping 5 Pack

A blonde person wearing black clothes is standing outside on a sunny day. Around their hips, they have wrapped a furoshiki wrap to act as a sash.

I know this sounds really weird -gift wrap? But like most things on our site - this gift wrapping has multiple uses! Use our furoshiki wrap as a belt, a headband, a top, or a scarf- there’s tons of options! They’re incredibly lightweight, so they’re easy to pack if you’re traveling for pride! 

Make Your Own Outfit!

Chiffon Summer Layering Top

A pile of multicolored reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn. The colors are, but not limited to, blue, red, orange, peach, yellow, pink, green, and white!
Each kit comes with our handmade reclaimed chiffon ribbon

This lightweight cover up is perfect for a hot summer party. Made out of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn, you can make this intermediate pattern in no time at all! The chiffon will keep you cool and the sexy slits up the side makes dancing easy! 

Coconut Tree Bralette

A white mannequin is against a white wall and wearing a soft bralette maid of three different shades of pink herbally dyed yarn. To the left of the mannequin is a large green leaf from a nearby fake plant.
Pictured in Vintage Rose

I love bralettes! They have saved my sorry butt from heat stroke every Pride. Made from botanicals like rose petals, indigo and marigold petals, this top is sure to make you feel empowered and absolutely beautiful! It’s an intermediate pattern, but it is well worth the work! 

Silk Hippie Fringe Vest

A petite white woman is wearing a dark gray tank top, black leggings, and a teal vest made out of handmade reclaimed sari ribbon yarn.
Pictured in Sea Foam

Hello, darling! Made from our best selling Sari Silk Ribbon, this fringe vest is fun, and perfect for the beach, concerts, and festivals.If you wear it atop a tank top or bralette, the gaps in the vest will help keep you nice and cool! 

Modern Open Poncho

A woman wearing whtie pants, a straw hat, a green poncho, and white shooes is bent over, looking at some gorgeous purple and pink flowers. She looks to be outside in a gorgeous garden.
Pictured in Crocodile Snap

The colors available for this kit are incredible! All those twisting, swirling rainbow colors will really make you pop out of the crowd! Also, it's the perfect throw on piece for summer, whether you're headed out and about or to the beach.

The Sundaze Crochet Top

A black woman is wearing jeans and a rainbow colored off-the-shoulder crochet top!
Pictured in Rainbow

Made out of sport weight silk, this adorable off the shoulder top will keep you cool and classy as you bounce around at the parade. I would of course suggest rainbow, but we have a ton of other gorgeous colorways to choose from. 

DIY Upcycled Fringe Shorts

A pair of dark jean shorts with little tassels of rainbow yarn are around the leg holes of the shorts.
Made using our Silk Blend Sport Weight Yarn 80-20 Rule!

Get ready for summer and festival season with these DIY Upcycled Jean Shorts! With simple crochet techniques, you can add fun stitching and tassels to the bottoms of shorts, skirts, or pants. Use an old, worn in pair of shorts, or pick some up jeans at your local thrift shop! I absolutely adore my shorts that I made with my old white jean shorts and our rainbow yarn! 

I hope this list helps you come up with some inspiration for your Pride outfits! Good luck, stay safe, and I’ll see you out there in the summer heat !

Meet the Author

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