Woman wearing sari wrap skirt on sidewalk

How To Wear Your One-of-a-Kind Sari Wrap Skirt from Darn Good Yarn

Here's How to Wear Your Sari Wrap Skirt from Darn Good Yarn!

Are you looking for directions on all of the amazing ways to wear your one of a kind Sari Skirt from Darn Good Yarn?

Aside from wearing it like a skirt, there are tons of ways to wear your sari skirt-- such as a dress, a shirt, or a wrap! The skirts are also reversible, so feel free to try any of these wearing options reversed too!

Check out these basic instructions to take your skirt from skirt to a whole new outfit!

Diagram of How to Wear Your Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

If you're interested in supporting sustainable fashion and wearing upcycled clothing items, these skirts are for you. They are made out of ethically sourced, 100% recycled sari fabric, and provide several outfit possibilities in one! 

Our Favorite Ways to Wear a Sari Wrap Skirt

Watch these how-to videos we made!


We used a mini skirt for this, as they seem to work the best when making your skirt into a top!