The Perfect Home and Closet Gift Guide for 2023 - Darn Good Yarn

The Perfect Home and Closet Gift Guide for 2023

Looking to find gifts to give for that special someone in your life?

We love gifts that are more than a physical object. A gift with a story holds so much more meaning. We feel honored and inspired all year by the amazing artisans who hand make our products. Each time you make a purchase from Darn Good Yarn, you're giving back by creating jobs, saving the planet and empowering women all over the world. Now that's a gift worth giving. Here are our top picks for sustainable home goods and apparel for 2023. 

You won't even have to keep your receipt. Our customer service team will take care of your gift recipient if they don't like what you picked (unlikely!).

1. Recycled Sari Wrap Skirts

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Montage of Three Women Wearing Sari Wrap Skirts in wintery indoor greenhouse scene

Your support of the Sari Wrap Skirt has saved over 1,000,000 pounds of sari fabric from ending up in a landfill! We've been able to provide jobs to artisan women in India and give our planet the opportunity to reuse what could have been waste. We are very proud of the good we've done together. We appreciate the fun and creative support we've received from our customer community.

We believe every person deserves to feel empowered and wear clothes that make them feel like the unique and bold person they are. Wearing sustainable clothes doesn't mean you have to sacrifice color or pattern. We proved it with these skirts!

Sari Wrap Skirts - The Discovery 3-Pack


Made from 100% reclaimed material at fair-trade co-ops in India. We carry generous sizing options from 0-32, because you deserve to feel beautiful. Each Discovery Pack comes with:

  • 3 of our hand-picked best-selling Sari Wrap Skirts - color and pattern preferences provided in Order Notes
    • 1 ankle length - waist size selected below
    • 1 tea length - waist size selected below
    • 1 mini length - waist size selected below
  • A FREE! digital download of how to style like an artist look book!

Skirt of the Month® Club

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Leave it to us to pick and deliver a lovely handmade mystery sari wrap skirt to your gift recipient every month. The subscription includes so. much. more than just skirts.

  • A premium recycled sari wrap skirt delivered every month!
  • FREE SHIPPING on every delivery.
  • Save $39 (57%) per skirt. Compare at $69!

Unlock club benefits:

  • Reduced Shipping Rates On ALL Orders - Shipping As Low As $3.95!
  • 2X Karma Points - Get Loyalty Rewards Faster!
  • 5% Off Every Order*
  • Exclusive Offers on Members-Only Products Every Month
  • Access to Our Custom Members-Only Dashboard to Manage Upcoming Shipments and Add On Exclusive Offers
  • And. SO. MUCH. MORE.

2. Reclaimed Sari Silk Medley Scarf


Women wearing mystery sari silk medly scarf drinking coffee at a coffee shop

We use recycled material because it truly means every piece of clothing is one-of-a-kind. We love coming up with new ways to use the sari fabric and create fun products you can wear all the time. Born from this desire, we introduce you to the Mystery Sari Silk Medley Scarf! This scarf has seven pieces of sari fabric sewn together to create a beautiful and unique item you can add to any outfit! We love wearing it as a scarf, but it also works as a chunky headband or headscarf!  

3. Sophia Silk Duster


Montage of three women wearing vibrant Sophia Silk Dusters in a well lit indoor room surrounded by plants.

Why we love it

  • This duster helps achieve glamourous looks with minimal effort.
  • Made of reclaimed silk, this one-of-a-kind long-sleeved cardigan is perfect for layering or wearing on its own.
  • Adorned with beautiful embellished edging.
  • Every piece is 100% unique and one of a kind. Please leave us comments about the colors you love (and/or the ones you don't) in the ORDER NOTE: section when you checkout. This will allow us to truly hand-pick a one-of-a-kind Sophia Silk Duster for your gift recipient.

Two sizes available! 

4. Zaria Wrap Dress

The Mother of All Reclaimed Apparel

Montage of three women wearing gorgeous flowing Zaria Wrap Dresses in a variety of settings: one outdoors in a green field, one in front of a brick wall and one outdoors in a green field.

Why we love it

  • Meet the newest companion to the Sari Wrap Skirt, the Zaria One Of A Kind Wrap Dress! The same adjustable sizing you know and love, now in dress form complete with ruffles along the hem.
  • 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India. Each piece of fabric has been on journey of its own! They are handmade at our partnered co-ops. People Friendly. Earth Friendly.
  • Every piece is 100% unique and one of a kind. Please leave us comments about the colors & designs you love (and the ones you don't) in the ORDER NOTE: section when you checkout. This will allow us to truly hand-pick your one-of-a-kind Zaria Wrap Dress!
  • Available in 2 different size ranges.

5. Aanya Adjustable Kaftans


Montage of three women wearing multi-colored Aanya Tunics in a variety of settings: one outdoors at a cafe in the winter, one indoors in front of off-white curtain and one inside of greenhouse in New York.

Why we love it

  • This kaftan can be an easy, one-step outfit or the foundation for a cozy layered look.
  • Like our fan favorite sari skirts, these are made from recycled materials by our partner artisans in India. Each kaftan supports sustainable, dignified artisan jobs -- a truly special piece.
  • Every piece is 100% unique and one of a kind. Please leave us comments about the colors & designs you love (and the ones you don't) in the ORDER NOTE: section when you checkout. This will allow us to truly hand-pick your one-of-a-kind Aanya Adjustable Kaftan!
  • Available in 2 different stunning lengths - short and long!

One size fits most. Drawstring waist. 

6. Handmade Rugs


Montage of different colorful handmade rugs of different shapes in different rooms.

Have we mentioned that nothing we do is boring? We look all over for ways to add more color into our life. Whether that be through our crafts, home decor, clothing, or accessories. These colorful felt ball accent pieces are perfect to add a splash of color into any home or dorm room.

7. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

One DIY macrame tapestry hanging adjacent to green plant.

Have you played around with Macrame yet? We love it. It's the perfect way to add texture to a room and show off a bohemian, cozy style. This Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Kit includes instructions and all materials for making your own bohemian wall art with cotton yarn and wooden beads. This project is great for beginners or more advanced macrame artists. If you're looking to add some texture and funk to your home decor, this Macrame Wall Hanging is the perfect project for you.

8. Kantha Products


A montage of different brightly colored kantha products, like quilts, pillows, and duffel bags

We started out with kantha quilts and our artisans have created a few new kantha products like pillows and scarves as well. These cozy and colorful pieces of handstitched art are the perfect pop of color for any room in your home.

Why we love it!

  • Handcrafted, each kantha product is made by hand by artisans at co-ops in India, and features traditional kantha stitching for a truly personal touch.
  • Soft and durable! Perfect for lounging around or taking a nap.
  • Machine washable and made of cotton
  • Come in multiple gorgeous colorways

9. Folklore Handmade Slippers

NEW IN 2022

A montage of feet wearing different colored soft slippers.

Get your toes ready for our folklore handmade slippers, including the new gorgeous colorways!

  • Each pair is hand knit with care by women achieving economic empowerment in rural areas of Azerbaijan.
  • With a beautiful design and non-slip soles, these slippers are an essential part of any seriously cozy wardrobe.
  • Incredibly soft and colorful!

10. Sari Silk Care Package

NEW IN 2022

A montage showing everything included in the Sari Care Package: Cotton Fat Quarters, Dryer Balls, Iron On Patches and Mesh Washing Bags

Professionally clean, refresh and care for a one-of-a-kind reclaimed sari garment from home with this handy bundle.

Each care package includes:

  • Eco friendly dryer balls
  • Mesh washing bags to keep your reclaimed sari garment safe and sound in the spin cycle
  • Iron on patches to extend the life of and/or fix any minor holes in your one-of-a-kind piece
  • Spring florals cotton fat quarter to help patch any larger holes

11. eGift Cards

Animated picture of snow falling around Darn Good Yarn gift card illustration.

Still a little unsure what to get your favorite eco-fashionista or sustainable home decor lover? Gift Cards are always a safe bet. Give them the power of choice with a Darn Good Yarn gift card valued up to $200.