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The Best White Elephant Gift Guide

What Is A White Elephant Gift?

A white elephant gift exchange is similar to a yankee swap, with one added bonus: the gifts are meant to be utterly ridiculous, and everyone playing has a chance to steal someone else’s gift. If you are looking for a white elephant gift, affordable items with a lot of personality are the name of the game!

The best white elephant gifts push the boundaries just enough that they are entertaining, but still desirable. Especially if your white elephant gift is for an office party, holidays with your in-laws, or even your church, you’ll want to find a balance between playing it safe, and keeping along with the theme.

If you were the class clown in high school, head down to your favorite novelty gift shop, and let loose! For everyone else, here are some white elephant gift ideas to help you comfortably find the middle ground.

One Of A Kind Pocket Square

Funny gift ideas for white elephant exchange: Pocket square

It’s one of a kind! Look how stunning, adding the extra touch to that suit. It may feel like the formal equivalent of gifting with socks… but it’s still pretty darn neutral. If you’re feeling  more like a gag-gift, take it one step further, by adding some nasal decongestants to the package. Now we’re not just accessorizing, we’re handling your sniffles in style. You’re welcome.

Wool Dryer Balls 4-Pack

Funny gift ideas for white elephant exchange: Dryer balls.

They’re fun colored, and useful! But unless your white elephant gift happens to land in the hands of your most laundry-obsessed coworker… we’re still gifting with chores. With a really nice wrapping job, it’ll feel like a good white elephant gift, without stepping on any toes.

Upcycled Rice Bag Tote

Funny gift ideas for white elephant exchange: Tote bag.

Some things are just so blue collar America, it isn’t even funny. Among these things are baseball, apple pie, and… an entire cabinet full of shopping bags, stuffed into other shopping bags. Do you have one? Be honest… because if you do, this Upcycled tote will make for the perfect friendly white elephant gift. It gets a whole lot sassier when you stuff it full of grocery store bags, and wrap it in a big box with an over the top bow. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make a bow out of shopping bags. Deadly foreshadowing has never felt so sneaky.

Rainbow Tassle Keychain

Funny gift ideas for white elephant exchange: Cute rainbow keychain.

Last but not least, if you frequent antique stores, you might know where to get a bunch of old keys that don’t go to anything. Pack them in together with this adorable keychain, or even add them on to the ring. It’ll take forever to get them all off, but at the end of it, they still get a nice little gift they can actually use!

How To Dress Like An Artist Style Guide

Funny gift ideas for white elephant exchange: Style Guide.

To really throw your friends, family, or coworkers for a loop… get them an awesome style guide digital download, and put it on a USB drive with pictures of clothes you totally would have gotten them. This option is a little more time-consuming, but it can really be a blast… especially if you have a little know-how when it comes to photoshop. Your fashion choices + their faces. The possibilities are endless.