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The Best Gifts for Travelers

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Looking to find the perfect gift for the travel bug in your life? You know… without buying them a plane ticket? We’ve got you covered! Today, we’re taking a look at what the wanderlust kings and queens can really put to good use, with travel gift ideas that give them the freedom they love, and make sense at any destination!

Reusable Furoshiki Gift Wrapping 5 Pack

The Furoshiki Wrap, a versatile gift for travelers

Travel gift ideas that can be used multiple ways are always sure to come in handy. These Furoshiki Wraps can be headbands, feast-friendly adjustable belts, knick-knack carriers, breakable item barriers, emergency spill savers, and even check-in concierges… Because any traveling enthusiast knows that jetlag and identical hotel room doors can make unloading luggage harder than it needs to be. Just tie your furoshiki around the door handle, and save yourself a lot of headache!

Sedona Patchwork Dress

The Sedona Patchwork Dress, travel gifts for women.

When it comes to travel gifts for women, the Sedona Patchwork Dress comes with a secret weapon: the leg freedom of a skirt, with the added bonus of adjustable height. Getting chilly? It’s a skirt! Walking around near the water? It’s a dress! Keep that hemline wherever you need it, whenever you need it, and wander on without a care in the world.

Placemat Table Settings

Best gift ideas for travelers and road trips, the placemat set for picnics.

Need gifts for travelers by foot, bike, bus, or car? Give the gift of picnics! Especially great for road trips to the south, this placemat set is perfect for keeping the never-before-tried foods in, and the never-before-seen bugs out. Because jerk chicken is awesome… and ants are jerks.

Sari Silk Purse

The Sari Silk Purse, carry-on luggage travel gifts

This Sari Silk Purse can make a carry-on feel like a caravan, and brings the color and culture we love into the packing experience. Excitement is the name of the game, so help get your travel buddies into the groove before they even leave the house! (Unless you need travel gifts for men, in which case… it’s totally a satchel.)

Embellished Parasol Umbrellas

Gifts for travelers in warm, sunny places: the embellished parasol umbrella.

For the flirtatious travel gift, soak up the sun in healthy moderation with this darling parasol, and embrace the romance of exploring new lands. Just remind them to twirl at their own discretion! We want our friends to come back from their travels, and this gift might just lead to dual citizenship. Sure, they’d love you forever… but we’d miss them too much if they found love abroad!

Sari Wrap Skirts

Women wearing sari wrap skirt tied around neck as halter dress over a tshirt
When traveling it's important to plan your outfits and what's better than a piece that is reversible and can be worn in a dozen different ways? Our unique sari wrap skirts are the perfect piece to wrap up snug in your backpack or duffle bag for fashion on the fly!

Handmade Kantha Quilt Blanket

The Handmade Kantha Quilt Blanket for travel gifts, wanderlust, and stargazers.

The best travel gifts are the ones that make room for experiences, and help them unfold. That’s why this Kantha Quilt Blanket isn’t just a little extra comfort at home, it’s the difference between staying outside and watching the sunset for an extra hour on those chilly fall and spring nights. Our explorers will love this travel gift from Timbuktu to their own backyard!

Zaria Wrap Dress

The Zaria Wrap Dress, a perfect gift for traveling moms.

Last but not least, the Zaria Wrap Dress is comfortable, stylish, and metal-detector friendly. No amount of walking, seatbelts, or security agents can make this gorgeous travel staple any less awesome! With an adjustable waist, and plenty of coverage for being on-the-go, this dress is perfect for moms traveling with kids. It can even make it from the plane to the trolley to the dinner downtown, without even needing to change once!

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