One of a kind sari silk purse hanging on a hook against a wooden house.
2 one of a kind sari purses laying on a distressed wood surface. Purses are multicolor with a red tag that reads beni.
Girl on a cool fall day wearing a Sari Purse on her shoulder.
Model is standing outside in front of fall tress with a sari silk purse around her arm.
An up-close photo of a Sari Silk Purse, showing the detail of the stitching and the different patterns
Sari silk purse is sitting on the grown outside with a carton of blueberries next to it.
A woman in a garden wearing a Sari Wrap Skirt with the Sari Purse worn across her body.
Model wearing one of a kind Sari Silk Purse with potted plants in the background. Purses are multicolor with a maroon tag that reads beni.

Sari Silk Purse

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Recycled Purses with a Purpose

Indulge in the uniqueness of our Sari Silk Purses, each handcrafted with care by the talented women in our co-ops in Nepal. Elevate your style while contributing to a global cause with these eco-conscious accessories.

Crafted from reclaimed pieces of vibrant sari material, every purse is a testament to sustainable fashion, offering you a chic and ethical choice for your wardrobe. This spacious bag is more than just beautiful, it's convenient! Room to carry your everyday essentials, this bag also features a pocket for your keepsakes and a zipper for security. 

An Eco-Friendly Bag for Every Occasion

Designed to withstand the demands of your daily life, these purses are expertly lined for durability, making them versatile companions for your commute, school, or even outings with your little one. 

Join us in promoting a greener future with our Recycled Sari Silk Purses, sustainable accessories that marry style with conscience. Experience the joy of fashion with a purpose, one purse at a time.

Note: No two purses are alike. Just tell us your requested colors at check out notes and our team will do our best to hand-select the perfect item.

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    Since 2008, the commitment of our customers has helped repurpose over 2 million pounds of material waste into exquisite crafting and clothing products. Together, we connect skilled artisans globally with conscious consumers like you, crafting a circle of impact that's truly Darn Good™.

    "Slipping into my Darn Good Yarn outfit always lifts my spirits. I adore the feel of the fabric, cherish the story behind each piece, and relish the compliments they bring."


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