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The Best Clothes and Accessories to Pack for Your Next Vacation

February 27, 2019 5 min read

The Best Clothes and Accessories to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Want to pack like a pro for your next vacation? Here's what you'll need!

If you're in the process of planning and preparing for your next vacation, congratulations! We know that you've worked hard and that you're probably looking forward to this well deserved time of rest and relaxation. In order to make sure that your vacation experience is as stress-free as possible, we're here with some tips to help you pack like a pro!

When it comes to expert level packing, the most important skill to have is the ability to pack the right things! If you are like many women, clothes and accessories will take up a significant amount of your packing space. Luckily, we here at Darn Good Yarn have the best clothes and accessories for any vacation. Let us tell you what and why these items are our must-have favorites for traveling!

 1. The Mackenzie Tote Bag

Mackenzie Tote Bag

When you're traveling, you need a carry-on bag that's spacious enough on the inside to fit all of your essentials, but also light enough to carry around when you're visiting restaurants and tourist attractions. It also doesn't hurt for it to have a zipper to help keep your possessions secure while you're walking around. Our Mackenzie Tote Bag has all of these features!

To make it even better, it's stylish and made out of 100% recycled materials by fairly paid artisans in Nepal! You can bring this bag with to you on the plane, or, it could be the one that you put into your luggage for toting around some of your belongs after you've reached your destination. Additional features include two inner pockets, two outer pockets, and an adjustable strap.

2. No Hassle Tassel Sari Clutch Purse


DGY No Hassle Tassel Clutch

So maybe you're the kind of person who doesn't like to carry a lot of things on your person while you go sightseeing or exploring. We get that! Sometimes it feels nicer to travel light.

If you'd rather have a smaller bag to carry just your phone, lipstick, and wallet with you, our No Hassle Tassel Sari Silk Clutch is what you need!  This clutch, made out of our recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, fits seamlessly into your luggage. Pull it out when you reach your destination and wear it with any outfit. 

3. Sari Silk Wrap Skirts


Darn Good Yarn Sari Wrap Skirt

Here's the honest truth: the Sari Silk Wrap Skirt is the ultimate best clothing item for women to pack for trips and vacations! Don't believe us? Here are our reasons why: 1) Each single sari silk wrap skirt becomes four or more outfits! 2) They are light and can be folded to fit into a compact amount of space. 3) With proper layering, they can be worn in any weather. 4) They look great on everyone! 

Now, if you're new to our skirts, you might be thinking, "How can one skirt become four or more different outfits?" Welcome, Newcomer, to the world of Darn Good Yarn skirts! Every single one of these skirts is reversible (featuring two unique colors and patterns on each side) and can be worn in multiple ways! Click here to see one of our previous posts on how to wear sari silk wrap skirts. 

PRO TIP: Before you start packing for your trip, lay each one of your sari silk skirts out on your bed or flat surface with both sides of the skirt showing. Take your tops and shirts out of your closet to see which ones match the skirts you are bringing. This will give you multiple top options to wear with each skirt, maximizing the amount of wear you will get out of each skirt during your time away!

Think about it like this. When you pack sari silk skirts for vacation, you will be able to fit four times as many outfits in four times less luggage space! Each one can be worn as a skirt, a dress, a top, or a shawl! These skirts are made by fairly paid women in India from 100% recycled sari material. No two are the same, and each one helps support sustainable employment for women at risk.

4. Sari Silk Medley Scarves

Sari Silk Medley Scarf

If you're looking for an easy-to-pack scarf to match your skirts, take a look at our Sari Silk Medley Scarves! These scarves are a great travel item because they can be added to any outfit to add a bold touch of style and color!

There are only a limited number of outfits you can pack for each trip. Give tops a fresh and dresses and unique look during their second wearing by adding one of these colorful scarves!

5. Vintage Mexican Oilcloth Makeup Bag

Vintage Mexican Oilcloth Makeup Bag

A toiletry or makeup bag is a travel must. Our large Vintage Mexican Oilcloth Makeup Bag measures 9 x 7.5 inches in size and is made out of smooth and waterproof oilcloth! This makes it ideal for your makeup, contacts, glasses, small shampoo and conditioner bottles, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, and more! 

This makeup bag is resistant to damage and will help you pack your suitcase in a compact, organized manner. It features a zipper closure that will keep the items you pack in it safe from falling out. Also, its bright color makes it stand out so that it's easy to find when you need it!

6. Fleece Lined Wool Socks

Fleece Lined Wool Socks

Okay, so we know that many of you choose to vacation in warm, and sometimes even tropical parts of the world. But, we also know that hot weather isn't for everyone. For those of you who prefer ski trips and log cabins on the Alaskan frontier, there are Darn Good Yarn socks. The outer layer of these socks is hand-knitted with 100% wool, and the insides are lined with cozy fleece.

These socks will keep your feet warm on the plane, during that wintertime horse-drawn carriage ride, while you sit in your cabin watching the snowfall, or while you're out skiing in the fresh powder! They are a winter lover's dream come true. Pack them next to your favorite hat and scarf! 

Are you ready for your next vacation? If you know of any vacation must-have items or must-know tips, let us know in the comments!

We hope that this post has helped you improve your packing game and leaves you feeling ready for your next big adventure!

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