September 2022 | Sustainable Crafting and Fashion Monthly Report - Darn Good Yarn

September 2022 | Sustainable Crafting and Fashion Monthly Report

Written by Kate Curry

Fall is in the air and we are all ready for a wonderful spooky season! We’re all working hard on our costumes and Halloween decor - we hope you have your costume all set to go! :)

Last month, our amazing community gathered together to save 9,139 pounds of textiles, fiber, paper, plastic, and wood from going into landfills all around the world.

To put all of that saved recycled material into perspective, here are some examples that weigh 9,139  pounds!

  • 1,827 2-liter bottles of soda
  • 365 toddlers (that’s a ton of toddlers!)
  • 130 Irish Setters
  • 70 newborn baby giraffes!

Totals for 2022

  • No. of trees planted: 6,068
  • Pounds of waste material saved:  93,741.13

Montage of Lace Weight Silk Yarn on light purple background in various colors and white and dyeable.

Trees.Org x Darn Good Yarn

Every purchase from our Be Darn Good Collection, gives back to the global community. For each purchase from this collection, a tree is planted by our friends over at! For 2022 we hope to plant 30,000 trees this year all around the world to help our global siblings. With each tree planted there is hope for the future -more food, more farms, more wildlife, and more jobs!

Thanks to our community, last month we were able to plant 790 trees!! One step closer to our 2022 goal!

September's Most Popular Yarn

For the second month in a row, the most popular yarn for September was our Mystery Skein of Yarn! Our mystery skein of yarn is just that - a total mystery! For a discounted price, you will receive a skein of our premium handmade yarn. This could be any weight or colorway you've seen on our site.

question mark with yarn skeins in multiple colors in the background

Thanks to everyone who yearned for a little mystery, we were able to have 47 pounds of fiber!

Lookin’ Good & Doin’ Good!

One of my personal favorites has finally made it to the top!

Model is standing on a porch holding a cocktail wearing a floral blue and red amara short duster in our summer sleeve.

Last month, the most popular clothing item was our Amara Recycled Sari Dusters! These gorgeous dusters - which come in two different lengths, are handmade out of 100% reclaimed sari material and each are one-of-a-kind! They are flowy and absolutely stunning for a nice fall time stroll. 🍂

Yarn Of The Month® Club

Retro 90's teen: Teal, fuschia, red, yellow, and purple color palette for September Yarn Of The Month.

In September, our fabulous Yarn of the Month community helped us save 350 pounds of fiber thanks to their subscription! With each person that subscribes, we are able to protect the employment of our incredible artisans that you can meet HERE!!. For every 1,000 subscribers, our club can support one artisan for an entire year!

Skirt Of The Month® Club

I love the skirt club community~! You always look so good 😏

A woman wearing a white skirt and a tan cardigan is posing by a few bales of hay and nice fat pumpkins

Last month, these stunning stars helped save 648 pounds of recycled and reclaimed sari fabric that has helped provide our skirt artisans safe and sustainable work! With the club steadily growing, we will be able to hire more artisans who are looking for safer work!

Join the club here!

Made This Month

We look forward to seeing what people create with our yarn every month! We’re so excited to share some of those amazing pieces of art with you! These pictures come from our Instagram, but as well as our private facebook groups. If you want to join our groups, scroll down!! 🧶

A colorful wristlet is laying in the sun, the contents spilling out onto the wooden table.
iamnotasupermoms made some GORGEOUS clutches
A woven green and blue piece of work is circling a few different types of crystals.
Kate was one of our artists' of the week due to her wonderful weaving
Two skeins of worsted weight orange, purple, and grey yarn is being knitted into a lacy scarf.
handmadebyaudrianne has something gorgous on those needles!
A funky, psychedelic multicolored rug is laying on a wooden floor.
Psychedelicthreads is bringing us some soothing vibes!

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Meet the Author

Profile picture of the author, Kate Curry, wearing a dark red Nanda Poncho sitting on concrete stairs in front of brick wall.

Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.