Nicole's Inspiration Stationery Series - Crafting Project Planner - Darn Good Yarn

Nicole's Inspiration Stationery Series - Crafting Project Planner

Have you been 'eyeing' a project, but too intimidated to take it on?

Wait no further! Scope out your next project with our crafting project planner - a free planning sheet that will help you get and stay organized for your next knitting, crochet or fiber art project.  

Our Project Planner includes areas for you to:

- Denote the special someone who you may be making this for

- Indicate Project Materials: Yarn/Other, Style, Color, Weight & Amount

- Note the Method: Knit, Crochet, Other

- Color in the Level of Difficulty

- Make Notes of your Inspiration and Ideas along the way!

Down the Project Planner PDF Here

Multicolored abstract illustrated background with text box that reads 'Project Planner' and multiple black boxes for sketching, indicating method and diffuculty, listing materials, etc.


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