How to Wear a Sari Wrap Skirt: Beach Edition

The summer is the best time to pull out all your most unique pieces. Sometimes going to the beach can feel a bit scary, but wearing one of these sari wrap skirts always helps us feel confident because we are showing off our personality! Feeling as artsy as ever! We made this guide for you to help style your sari wrap skirts for the perfect beach and summer outfits. Don't forget the complete lookbook is available to download!

Bikini Martini

Women wearing sari wrap skirt with bikini top and tassel earrings

These skirts bring all the confidence with you to the beach so you can be the best version of you! Rock that simple bikini top with a bold patterned skirt. Now’s the time to bring out all the colors, so don’t be afraid to throw on those neon earrings and colored bag. These skirts are for every body just like the beach! 


Women wearing recycled sari scarf as top and skirt and a shall

We should really rename this outfit to: How many different ways can you use recycled sari fabric? We tied our favorite recycled sari scarf into a bandana top, taking note from the newest trends but making it so much more unique! We used a mini sari wrap skirt as a shall for some added protection at the beach. Top it all off? Recycled sari earrings of course! 

Slipping into Summer

Women wearing sari wrap skirt tied around neck as halter dress over a tshirt

We love looking at trends and seeing how much more unique we can make them just with adding some color. How can you be trendy and still unique? No better way than using a one-of-a-kind sari wrap skirt as a halter dress. Layer it over a tshirt to tie the whole thing together. 

Mixed Metals

women wearing sari wrap skirt with gold top and silver shoes

Our favorite thing to do with these skirts is pulling out almost unnoticeable colors from the skirt and accent them with the rest of the outfit. Here we pulled out some of the silver undertones while still playing on the browns. 

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