How to Knit or Crochet a Towel Topper

January 04, 2017 0 Comments

How to Knit or Crochet a Towel Topper

Some days it does seem that things from our past are the best and the old timers did know what they were doing. For example, people use to recycle everything, perhaps out of necessity, but recycling none the less. So it makes all the sense in the world that we are supporting the recycled materials movement in the 21st century.

So why not try an old fashioned idea/look like towel toppers? I remember these in my grandmother's day and the idea has "recycled" back around and something like our recycled  Sparkle collectionwill add pizzazz to your topper!

Amazing how those old ideas do circle back around and as Darn Good Yarn strives to reclaim and recycle fibers from landfills (we have saved over 1 million pounds of silk waste so far), we are also excited to find old patternsand breathe new life into them.

In looking around for towel topper patterns like my grandmother had, I found and want to thank them for a great how-to for knitting a towel topper with pattern and visuals that are very clear! The photo above is courtesy of their site and is an excellent example of both front and back.

So, great question! Yes, there is a crochet option for towel toppers. Like you can find a gazillion of them if you "just Google it"! I would also suggest going to Ravelry.comor Pinterestfor a plethora of ideas for towel topppers! Just love their libraries of patterns!

Thanks to Maggie for this free pattern for a crochet topper. While the options are endless, I loved the simple beauty of what she has created. Be sure to check out her other pattern ideas as she has a great collection for all abilities. She recommends cotton for the topperwhich makes sense for wash-ability!

So, yes. We need to recycle to take care of the one world we have. How cool is it that we can recycle those ideas from our grandparents and share them with our grandchildren! In an age where recycling is essential, be sure to investigate those patterns (whether towel toppers, beaded necklaces, or shawls). Along with the Darn Good hand work that you make, you will have and create, memories!