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How to Arm Knit and Delicious Fibers to Use

Arm knitting? What's that?

mannequin wearing a scarf

 Arm knitting, hmmm. Well, beyond being an incredibly fun and interactive way to knit, is a LARGE way to get things done. We have been promoting arm knitting for some time and love that so many people have jumped on board. I even included it in our blog about holiday handmade crafts that are quick and easy (be sure to watch for more gift giving holiday blog posts in the coming weeks!).

Anyway, arm knitting requires no needles and works great with bulkier fibers. We love working with our Darn Good Yarn chiffon for this! And that's all you need-well,and you will need your arms which will serve as large knitting needles really!

Think BIG

Casting on in super easy and because you are thinking big, you can make a scarf by casting on less than 10 stitches! Then, you will literally work your stitches from one arm to the other as demonstrated in Nicole's video tutorial below.

mannequin wearing a scarf

Not sure you are ready to tackle this on your own? DGY kits include a 30-minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit, a super project for gift giving and with it being a quick arm knit you can take care of several people on your gifting list!

yarn project

Blankets are another great way to play with arm knitting and how cool is it that you can make a blanket and not have it take months to complete? The Arm Knit Blanket Kit comes with all you need to make a super cool throw and it comes with 10 skeins of our  Reclaimed Assorted Chiffon Ribbon. Arm knitting and recycled material? Now, that is something to wrap up in!

Yes, Hands On...Or Should We Say 'Arms On'!

multiple yarn skeins in baskets

Arm knitting is not something I grew up with and there are plenty of articles about the how-to of this craft. I'm really big on teaching my granddaughter about fiber arts but we haven't advanced to knitting...yet. I think she would love to arm knit just because it is a more active way to knit with quick results! Yes, this could be a great introduction to the world of knitting for a youngster and the oodles of chiffon options!

Yeah, we're excited about arm knitting because there is a lot of buzz about it. Let's face it! We are all busy people and it's exciting to have LARGE handmade projects that we can actually complete! Be sure to watch Nicole's tutorial on how to arm knit-it's fun and super helpful! Watch Nicole's great tutorial!