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7 Ideas for Easy and Quick Handmade Holiday Gifts

Hey, this is the first in a series of blog posts that will offer ideas for holiday gift giving. We wanted to start this series with some ideas for all the crafters out there who are wanting to make gifts-stay tuned for other great holiday ideas! We're here to get you through this and even enjoy it!

Take It Easy

I love to make gifts for giving. Actually, you might call it an obsession. If a baby is born, there is always a handmade hat, sweater, or booties. A friend who is moving away is worthy of a homemade scarf (a portable hug). And I love creating gifts around the winter holidays because we all could use a bit of heartwarming during the darker days!

Time does run out this time of year and things can get crazy! I can't always fit in everything I think I want to make. It's now time to think about gifts that can be made easily and quickly. I still care about having beautiful gifts but simplicity is now key to gift giving! Here are some Darn Good suggestions that you can make now for easy handmade gifts this year!


1. Yes, a 30 minute project! Try our 30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf, a quick and easy way to make a colorful scarf for gifting to friends and family! Taking only 30 minutes, you may just want to buy this kit for everyone on your list! This a darn good seller, so get yours now!

woman wearing a yarn scarf

2. Looking for a more eclectic gift? How about this super Easy Banana Fiber Cowl Kit? This has some of our gorgeous Banana Fiber Yarn and is incredibly cool and yes, easy to make!

3. Another easy idea for a unique project are the Easy Fingerless Mitts! Known for being speedy, our Easy Fingerless Mitts Knitting and Crochet Kit is made with playful, swirly twisting sport weight yarn, it will work up in no time at all.

Easy and Beautiful Options

woman wearing a yarn shawl

4. Shawls are "in' and make a super, cool gift for giving! They are a sweet little outfit accessory and envelope your love ones with your handi-work. Looking for a simple crochet shawl? Look no further with the Darn Good Yarn Quadramesh Crochet Shawl Kit you will have both the pattern and the yarn to create an easy and repetitive design that will give rave reviews from your crowd!

yarn baskets and a flower pot

5. My daughter just bought her first home. I feel like I have a whole new area of crafting projects I can do for her this holiday season. She commented about needing some small baskets or something for a few odds and ends in the kitchen. Our Ribbon Nesting Baskets are perfect! They work up in a simple crochet and are very quick. It might be fun to put a few little gifts in your baskets, too!

crochet necklace

6. Jewelry can be a gift of a lifetime. Treasures of handmade jewelry not only accessorize any outfit, they bring a lifetime of special memories. OurDIY Jewelry Making Kits are super easy to make and create a beautiful gift for that special someone on your list. Very basic in pattern with choices for design, you can make this uniquely from you with some very cool bead options.

Keeping It Real

sunglasses and yarn project

7. Not wanting a kit but loving the idea of simple? Many of our kits are also available as patterns. And we have some outrageously quick and easy patterns for you to use and get-er done (such as our Home for My Sunnies pattern above-which might be nice for a phone or other small treasure)!

Or you may want to grab the Best of Darn Good Yarn's Beginner Pack-whether a beginner or expert, this sweet collection of ideas will give you easy options for homemade gifting for the holidays! Easy is really used a lot in this post and that is because we want to make your holiday gift giving special and do-able.

Options are endless at Darn Good Yarn for making gifts. Yes, it's time to get going. No doubt about that! We love supporting our customers and right now, it's time to be creative with some easy handmade gifts to make and give. After all, it is about the joy of creating so make it easy on yourself and get crafting! Then kick back, have a glass of eggnog, and enjoy!

The Darn Good Yarn Team wishes you the best this holiday season! Order now and get your gifts made in time for your celebrations!