Close up view of person's feet wearing black and white fleece lined wool socks

Handmade Gifts Not Made By You

If you're a knitter, a crocheter, or a crafter, you most certainly know the joy of giving away handmade gifts to your friends and family members when gift-giving occasions come around! There's something about a handmade gift that simply feels more personal that one that was manufactured in a factory. 

But, what happens when there is only a few more days to go until Christmas or your mom's birthday and you haven't had time to knit her a sweet new hat? What about when you know you'd like to give your sister something meaningful this year, but your mind is blanking on what that something might be? If you find yourself in a situation like this, then it's time to explore some handmade gift options that require no labor on your part! At Darn Good Yarn, we offer several items that have been handmade with care and are ready to purchase. Even better, each one of these handmade gifts is fair trade. Each purchase these items helps to support the artisans and craftspeople who made them! of Here's our compilation of handmade gifts not made by you!

1. Handmade Journal Notebooks

Tan and blue notebook with seashell illustration sitting on a white background

We all have that one friend with a head full of ideas. Maybe they're a writer, an artist, an entrepreneur, or an aspiring inventor. These creative and ambitious types can never have even places to got down their notes! The perfect gift for this friend is one of our handmade journal notebooks! These notebooks contain 160-240 unlined pages and are handmade in India! 

2. Boho Sling Crossbody Bags 

Close up of woman wearing all black and holding a Boho Sling Crossbody bag in brown, blue, and orange and standing in front of a white background

Who's that one person on your list for the coming holiday season who loves bright colors and stripes? What if you could give that person a great new way to carry their personal items from place to place while showing off their sense of style? Well, you can and you should! Our Boho Sling Crossbody Bags, also handmade in India, are available in 5 unique color combinations! 

3. Fleece Lined Wool Socks 

Close up of woman's feet wearing multicolored fleece lined wool socks and sitting on a concrete staircase with piles of fall leaves

Friends and loved ones are important. It's essential to hold on to our valued relationships and to make sure that no one either side of them gets cold feet. Gifting our fleece lined wool socks to your friends and loved ones is certain to show them how much you care and to keep their feet toasty and warm! These handmade socks are available in 7 colorful patterns! 

4. Wind Swept Earrings

Windswept silk tassel earrings in blue sitting on a wooden surface

These earrings are part of a collection created by Maggie Dykzeul as a form of art therapy for adults with special needs. Handmade in New York State through our partnership with Schenectady ARC, they are available in two color varieties and make the perfect gift for that girl friend or sister who is always sporting a bright, boho style! The sari silk used to make these earrings is 100% recycled! 

5. Deluxe Handwoven Sari Silk Throw

Deluxe Handwoven Sari Silk Throw in multicolored sitting on a wooden chair on a white background

These beautiful handwoven sari silk throws are made by women in our co-op in India. When you purchase one of these blankets, you help the women who made it maintain employment in safe environment with fair wages! When you give one of these blankets to your mom for Mother's Day, you help her add color to her living space and to stay warm on cold days. 

6. Felted Laptop Case

Purple felted laptop case with a silver macbook computer sliding out, all on a white surface

These bright laptop cases are handmade with 100% wool felt by our artisans in Nepal! Each one measures 13.5 x 12.5 inches, which makes them compatible with most small to medium sized laptops. We all have someone in our lives that is constantly busy and on the go, having to bring their laptop with them everywhere. These felted laptop cases make thoughtful and practical gifts for students and working professionals alike! 

7. Indian Crossbody Bag

Close up of a silk purse sitting on a stone floor surface, next to a woman with purple shoes placing her phone in the bag

One of my personal favorites, the Indian Crossbody Bag is another gift for busy people on the go! Each one of these bags is handmade and Nepal and features an entirely unique pattern! A great alternative to a traditional purse, this crossbody bag is a great gift for that "mom friend" who never goes anywhere without Band-Aids, snacks, and other preparedness items! 

8. Felted Leaf Clutch 

Purple and multicolored felted leaf clutch on a white background

Also handmade through our co-op in Nepal, these felt leaf-design clutch purses are available in 5 fun colors! They're perfect for the women on your gift shopping list who like to carry their things from place to place conveniently and to match their purses with their outfits. Each one features a sturdy handle and a secure metal zipper to keep valuables safe. 

9. Macrame Wall Hanging

Black macrame wall hanging on a white wall next to a small wooden table with a potted cactus house plant

What do you get for that one friend of relative who already seems to have everything they need? A safe bet for these sorts of people is to give them something decorative for the next holiday. Our macrame wall hangings are unique and eye catching, and of course handmade as well! Gift recipients can add this macrame accent to the wall in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, or back porch!

10. Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowls

Handmade wooden yarn bowl holding a ball of green and blue yarn on a white background

Those of us who knit and crochet know how great a good yarn bowl is to have around. If there is another yarn artist in your life who doesn't happen to own one of these handy tools, take their next birthday party as opportunity to change that! Our wooden yarn bowls are handmade through our co-op in India. Just like the silk sari throws mentioned above, a purchase of a wooden yarn bowl helps to support women in India and to preserve their safe, fair employment. These beautiful yarn bowls are made of natural wood and will change the life of any knitter or crocheter.