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One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

Each one of these Sari Silk Purses is a little different and handcrafted with love by the women in our co-ops in Nepal. They are made with reclaimed pieces of sari material, and well-lined to make them sturdy enough for your commute, to hold school books, or even baby supplies. It's a beautiful way to add color to your wardrobe as well as help others on the other side of the world!

Product Specs:

Size: 11" W x 10" H 
Strap: Adjustable 
Closure: Zipper
Other: Lined, Pocket on the inside



The rebuilding of Nepal continues. Consider purchasing a bag or two as holiday gifts and serve a great cause!

Some of the faces who are working together to make your purses and rebuild their communities.