Hand Knit Sock Ideas for Happier Toes


Making socks is one of my favorite past times. I had not made socks until a girlfriend got me interested two years ago. She always had the coolest socks and one was always complimentary to the other and yet slightly different in color patterning which I love. I was surprised to learn how easy socks can be.  Yes, the turning of the heel is tricky but the cuff and the "soul of the sock" are a repetitive pattern and I now always have a pair of socks in the works. There are many patterns for socks but I like this one Simple socks as it doesn't have any fancy cable or design. Socks may not be for the beginner but if you know some basic knitting stitches this will be a fun and useful project. This pattern shows these plain sock but Darn Good Yarn has a playful palette that makes socks fun!



One of the things I love about sock yarn is the way it feels on my feet. The sock wool tends to be softer and warms my feet more than a store sock and I am always pleased to put on a sock that speaks of uniqueness. I use to buy fun store bought socks but now that I knit  them myself I am totally into the colors at Darn Good Yarns as I mix a variegated with a solid stripe or vice versa.  With all of these options the possibilities are endless. 

New wool sock yarn options

Heavier sock ideas!                                                                   

I love the light ply of the sock yarn above but have a request for a heavier sock for warmth in the deep of winter or for snowshoeing and adventuring in the snow. I think this pattern will do the trick as this person wants a high sock. I would want to have a large fitting boot as this sock pattern is for a thicker ply yarn. The Big and Beautiful Sock Pattern offers an option for using bulky yarn and pairs very well with the Yak Wool from Nepal . With nine different colors of yarn this bulky wool offers warmth and beauty while working up on bigger needles. This would be a fun sock to worn up in stripes but I am enamored with this maroon color at Darn Good Yarn!

You can make your cuff and sole of your sock as short or long as you want

but keep in mind that you need to have the yarn to do it!

More Pattern Ideas

I have only used a basic sock pattern for my sock knitting but

are you ready to take on a challenging sock pattern with a bit 

of intrigue? Perhaps a rib or a cable? This site offers many

playful options for patterning for socks:

http://www.allcrafts.net/knitting/knitsocks.htm .    

I will be playing with this Simple Zig Zag Sock Pattern for two reasons:

  1. I am drawn to the word simple when trying a new pattern.
  2. I feel this design will work up well in this sock yarn in a solid blue or raspberry.



Know someone with cold feet?  Make them a pair of socks!     

Know someone who would love to make socks? Gift them sock yarn to inspire them!

And it is so true... 

Toes really are happier in hand knit socks!


photo courtesy of sad, un-warm toes that would love some colorful knit socks.