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Everything You Need To Know : Ombre Sport Weight Silk Yarn

Written by Kate Curry

What is Ombre Sport Weight Yarn

Our best selling lace weight silk yarn grew up into gorgeous skeins of Ombre Sport Weight Silk Yarn! Made from recycled silk, this yarn is full of colorful dimensions, creating a balance between fun and delicate! Soft and silky, this yarn is both handmade and hand-dyed by our amazing artisans in India. These scrumptious skeins are just like our normal Sport Weight Silk Yarn, but they only come in gorgeous ombre colorways! 

Dozens of hanks of purple ombre yarn are being dyed and hung on metal racks.
Our purple ombre yarn being dyed

Made out of recycled silk, silk materials and fabrics are gathered, saved, and donated and are torn so they can be spun into the thin, silky, and soft sport weight yarn that you know and love. Our artisans then carefully hand dye each skein to ensure outstanding ombre colors! 

Tips & Tricks

This yarn is perfect for those frustrated with delicate lace weight silk yarn and want to try something a little thinner than DK weight or worsted weight. Just like lace weight, you’re going to want to ball it! In my experience, to work with this yarn, you will need to ball or cake the yarn using a swift and baller. Due to the yarn’s thickness, it can easily tangle and it can become very frustrating very quickly. Put the work in winding so you don’t get mad later! It’s 1000% worth it.

Four different skeins of ombre sport weight yarn, with one ombre blue/purple skein made into a cake.
Our Exploration Pack comes with 5 gorgeous ombre skeins
  • Length: 200 yards/skein
  • Yarn Weight: 2 - Sport, 50g
  • Yarn Material: Recycled Silk 
  • Needle Size: 3-5 (3.25 - 3.75mm)
  • Hook Size: E-7 (3.5-4.5mm)
  • Gauge: K 23-26 sts/4", Double C 16-20 sts/4"
  • Physical Quality: Soft and Silky!
  • How to clean: Dry Clean


  • Thicker than lace weight, but not as thick as DK or worsted weight - the perfect medium
  • Super silky
  • Good amount of yardage
  • Flowy and airy for delicate projects
  • Great for detailing and edging
  • Gorgeous ombre colorways work up beautifully!! 


  • Not as many colorways as our lace weight or worsted weight options
  • Can pop and break if your tension is very tight
  • Still a little too thin for first time crafters
  • Larger projects take a long time to work up

What Can I Make With Ombre Sport Weight Yarn?

  • Shawls
  • A woman in the woods, facing away from the camera, wrapped in a blue ombre shawl.
  • Totes
  • Scarves 
  • A woman wearing all black, holding up a multicolored scarf made from ombre silk sport weight yarn.
  • Cowls 
  • Amigurumis
An amigurumi pumpkin on a wicker basket, on an orange background.


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