Image of woman in rainbow crochet hood and text that reads 'Embracing Beautiful Imperfection, the Made With Love Experiment Podcast'

Episode 10 of the Made With Love Experiment Ft. Miranda of @Crazy4CrochetMomma

"It is what it is. Let it go. We’re all imperfectly perfect."

These 3 mantras belong to Miranda, a Momma of 3, Wife, and Crochet Pattern Designer. You may know her as @Crazy4CrochetMomma on Instagram; her feed is a rainbow of incredibly unique original patterns. Miranda first began writing patterns in 2013, growing her community via social media. Fast forward to present day, Miranda's community has grown to 18k+ followers and her patterns have been picked up by many yarn companies (including Darn Good Yarn, of course!) 

Confidence has been key to Miranda's success; As her confidence grew, so did her business. The secret? Being real with everyone. Life is not always clean and perfect (especially with 3 kids who love "helping"), so post what you want and things will fall into place. Listen to learn how you, too, can embrace beautiful imperfections:


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