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DIY Gifts To Make For Dad For Father's Day

Written by Kate Curry

Does your dad go nuts for anything you make him? Does he love handmade gifts that you’ve taken the time to make just for him? If so, we have a list of kits that will help you create your dad’s next favorite creation!

1. Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit

This lanyard kit can add a pop of color to any key set! We have a few different color options to match your dad’s favorite color! 

2. Stripe-A-Dots Hat and Gloves Knitting Kit

Who doesn’t love a matching glove and hat set? This kit comes with all the yarn you’ll need to make your dad a dashing hat and glove combo that will be sure to keep him warm. 

3. Bobble Gem Crochet Basket Kit

Is your dad a neat freak? Help him organize his favorite things by making him a basket! This kit creates a basket that is a decent size and can hold a good amount of tools, magazines, or whatever other odds-n-ends that your dad has laying about!

4. Ombre Chiffon Pillow Kit

Everyone loves pillows and there’s two groups that I’ve met that have favorite pillows: dads and pets. Why not make your dad his next favorite pillow by hand out of reclaimed ombre chiffon yarn? 

5. The Magnolia Beanie Knit-A-Long Kit

This hat kit is a fan favorite and is one of our most popular hat kits on the market! Made out of reclaimed silk, this ultra-soft hat is sure to be your dad’s go-to hat on those colder days.  

6. Fun and Games Scarf Kit

This beginner project kit is a gorgeous scarf made out of our 100% Silk Worsted Weight Roving Yarn and is so classic. Your dad can dress it up or down for going out on the town or just to keep warm on his next wintertime drive! 

7. Freeform Gauntlet Crochet Kit

This kit is one of my favorites! If your dad is a D&D or fantasy fan, he will adore these gauntlets! With an awesome swirling pattern, these gauntlets remind me of an intricate shield! Why not protect your dad’s hands with these super cool gauntlets in his favorite colors? 

8. Upcycled Denim Bag Crochet Kit

Is your dad a hippie that’s on the hunt for a new bag? Look no further!! This upcycle kit creates a perfect bag for your dad whether this is an every-day bag or a traveling bag. 

9. The Sew Sari Placemat Sewing Kit

Does your dad have a gift for hosting? Make him some placemats for his next get-together that he can proudly announce are handmade by his favorite child! 

10. Go Bananas Beanie Knitting Kit

Want to make your dad something funky? I bet he’s never heard of banana fiber before! This kit creates an extra-silky hat that can be worn in all types of weather!

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