Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

I know that sometimes shopping online for craft projects can well...stink.

Silk Sari Ribbon

As a fellow crafter/addict of anything colorful, shiny and pretty, I realize that need to get the exact ball, fiber etc of what you want. It's like finding that perfect onion in the store. Sure, it's going to wind up chopped diced and mangled in your recipe, but it's important to find just the right one. Believe me, I'm guilty of searching through the mounds of onions just like the rest of us! And I realize the importance of choice!

Darn Good Yarn on Etsy

So, I had a breakthrough similar to that of Newton's Apple. We'll call this breakthrough Nicole's Yarn Ball. I'm listing individual and groupings of our popular yarns on our newly created Etsy store "Recycled Silk Yarn". Clever name eh?

So, if you're not into trusting my judgment through darngoodyarn.com go ahead and pick out the very exact ball notion or package at RecycledSilkYarn on Etsy.

And if you have a custom request, you just let me know! I will take pictures and send you everything I can to help you make your decision!

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