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College Dorm Decor Fall 2022

Written by Cat Brady

College is a time to reinvent yourself and your dorm is the perfect place to create a space that feels just like you! Here at Darn Good Yarn we LOVE…bright colors, boho styles and unique pieces. We have rounded up our favorite decor items that would be perfect for your new home at college. So let the countdown to campus begin. But first, let’s decorate!

Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging

rainbow elephant tapestry on a white wall

Tapestries are a college decor staple. They are perfect for your small space because they brighten up the walls with just one simple piece of art. It is lightweight so thumb tacks will keep it in place all semester long (so your RA won’t get mad that you damaged the walls!) Plus it doubles as a picnic blanket, take it off the wall for an afternoon picnic on the quad!

Rainbow Oasis: Recycled Sari Curtain Drapes

Sari silk drapes in a window sill

These Rainbow Oasis Drapes are multi functional, use them as window curtains, in between a doorway, as a makeshift closet door or a room divider. These one of a kind Drape comes in three sizes; a short, a long and extra long version.  The sun looks stunning peaking through the colorful stripes of  beautiful sari material each morning and will bring cheery vibes to your day!

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

DIY Macrame wall hanging kit

Crafter or not, this beginners DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit is an easy + fun way to add your own touch to your dorm decor. Plus, Macrame pieces are super trendy right now! This boho art decor adds texture and pattern to your dormitory’s plain white walls.

Handwoven Rug

Black handwoven rug on a hardwood floor.

Best way to cozy up a small space is with a fun rug. Make your new home feel like home with either a Handwoven rug or a Felt Ball Rug. The Handwoven rug is 4’x6’ and has three colorful rugs to choose from. The Felt Ball rug has two small circular options (perfect for under a desk!) or a small rectangular one (ideal for a welcome mat!).

Handmade Recycled Sari Silk Bunting Banner

Sari silk bunting banner on a white wall.

We all know that college is one big party so why not make your room feel like one! This Handmade Recycled Sari Silk Bunting is a one of a kind piece that will make everyday feel like a celebration. It’s made from recycled sari silk and comes in the cutest patterns. Your room will definitely be the hangout spot of the floor!

Kantha Quilt Blanket

kantha quilts stacked on a white chair.

Sometimes it’s hard when you share a college dorm with a roommate to make it feel like you. But your bed is one place that is completely yours to decorate. This Kantha Quilt can either be used as an accent piece or as a comforter. This bright quilt is soft and durable to make your room feel so comfy!

So whether you are going into your freshman year or your senior year make decorating your dorm room fun! And we want to see how you decorated so don’t forget to tag us with your DGY room decor pics on social @darngoodyarn.

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