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Christmas Trees: Fake vs. Real

Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet for this year? If you haven't yet, you may be on the fence about whether to choose a real evergreen, or a fake tree from your local department store. When it comes to decorating for the holidays, a tree is most often the center of your in-home display! The looks of your tree are important and will influence the holiday memories of your whole household.

So, how do you make this crucial decision? We're here to help it make a little easier for you with some pros and cons of fake vs. real Christmas trees!

Pros of Fake Trees

Large Christmas tree standing in a dining room with a decorated circular table and four chairs
Photo by Daeun Kim on Unsplash

1. They're easy to get

You usually don't have to go far to get a fake Christmas tree. Your local craft or department store mostly starts selling them in November or even late October. When you're shopping for a fake tree, you get to go to an indoor, heated store and purchase a clean, neatly boxed tree off the shelf. 

2. They require little or no maintenance 

Fake trees, of course, do not need to be trimmed or watered. You simply set them up, decorate them, and they need no further attention! Their low maintenance nature makes them a popular choice among busy families, adults who work long hours, and older demographics. 

3. They won't bother anyone with allergies

Did you know that some people are allergic to the pollen of pine trees? Even if no one in your family or friend group is allergic to pine itself, they may be allergic to other things that real trees can being into the home such as dust or other organic plant material. With a fake tree, the risk of this problem is eliminated!

4. They can be used year after year

While real trees can only be used once, fake trees can, of course, be used for several years in a row! Simply put it away in storage after the holidays and set it up again next year. 

5. They can stay set up for as long as you want

Are you the kind of person who likes to have your tree up as soon as Thanksgiving, or even Halloween, is over? Are you reluctant to take your tree down once Christmas has ended? Because fake trees cannot wilt or die, they can be kept up for as long as you want! 

Cons of Fake Trees

1. There's no "tree hunt" experience

Many people enjoy the experience of going and getting their Christmas tree from a farm or farm market. The joy of hunting for that perfect tree is something families share together each holiday season. If that's not your thing, that's okay! But keep in mind that getting a fake tree will not involve anything similar to this experience. 

2. They don't have that genuine pine smell

Unless they are scented, fake trees usually have no smell at all. Even if they are scented, the smell is artificial and can't hold a candle to that genuine pine scent we all know. 

3. They have been known to melt or catch fire

Fake trees are usually made out of plastic and other synthetics. Because they have no natural moisture, the Christmas lights they are decorating with can sometimes cause the branches to melt or ignite. If you choose a fake tree, be cautious about this risk! 

4. Sometimes, they have that plastic look

Okay, it's time for hard honesty. One of the biggest problems that a fake tree can have is that it looks, well... fake. Not all fake trees are created equal, and some look more natural than others. However, we've all seen those trees that look and feel just like plastic. 

5. They're not biodegradable

Even though you can reuse your fake tree several times, it may eventually become damaged or wear out. When this happens, you will probably dispose of it. Because they are made of synthetics, they will not biodegrade in an environmentally harmless way like real trees do. 

Pros of Real Trees

Close up of woman wearing a winter coat and sari silk medley scarf while standing in snow
Real trees=Adventure Filled Fun

1. You and your family get to go pick it out together!

Let's go back to that point about hunting for the perfect tree! If you've been a real tree kind of person in the past, you know exactly what I'm talking about. When you go to a tree farm, you and your family members get to make a day trip and a memory. Finding a tree that everyone likes, cutting it down, and bringing it home can be a great bonding experience! Don't let the cold scare you. Bundle up and go out there for a memorable adventure!

Don't forget, we've got some incredibly warm fleece lined wool socks and sari silk medley scarves to help you stay cozy during your trip to the tree farm. 

2. They have their own unique appearances and "personalities"

Real pine trees, of course, are 100% natural and are therefore all different from each other. The tree that you and your family choose will not be exactly like any other tree! This also gives you the freedom to choose a tree that's the perfect size and shape for your space. 

3. They have that natural, holiday pine smell

Nothing says Christmas like that genuine pine smell that a real evergreen tree bring to your home. For many, this smell is what makes the season feel like Christmas. Because smell is a big part of making memories, this scent will also have an influence on your children or those who visit your home and how they will recall the experience of celebrating the holidays with you. That pine smell will always remind them of a happy and festive holiday! 

4. They're fun to decorate and  show off

While many fake trees come pre-lit and sometimes even with bulb ornaments attached, real trees provide you with a blank slate every time! Decorate your tree with the lights of your choice and your family's personal ornaments! If you're looking for a new ornament this year, take a look at our Darn Good Yarn Christmas Ornament! (If you'd like to get one for a friend, keep in mind that one is included in each Holiday Gift Giver Bundle!) 

Once your tree is decorated, you can show it off to relatives and visitors. You will have stories to tell not only about the day you went to get the tree, but also about the ornaments on the tree and what they mean to you. 

5. They're biodegradable 

This is an obvious point, but still important. Real trees are 100% natural and will biodegrade when they are disposed of. This makes them the best option for the environment! 

Cons of Real Trees

Purple heart-shaped Christmas Ornament hanging from a christmas tree

1. They need to be cut and trimmed

Unless you're going to a market that sells pre-cut trees, part of the process of getting a real Christmas tree involves taking a saw and cutting it down. Once you bring the tree home, some trimming is often required to make it fit into its designated space. This can be difficult and messy work. 

2. They need to be watered

In order to keep your real tree alive during the holiday season, you will have to provide it with constant watering. You will want to check the tree's water level daily to ensure that it stays green and fresh. 

3. Family members or guests may be allergic

As mentioned above, some people are allergic to the pollen of evergreen trees. This can make the holidays a little less jolly for the allergic people exposed to your tree as it will cause headaches, runny nose, and other head-cold like symptoms. 

4. They can catch fire if they become dry

In the event that you forget to water your tree, it will dry out. A dry Christmas tree is at risk of reacting to the heat of the Christmas lights on its branches and catching fire. 

5. They can bring unwanted bugs or fungus into your home

When you bring something from the natural environment into your home, there is always the possibility that there will be stowaways. Although many tree farms have methods to keep bugs and infections away from their crops, these methods sometimes fail.This is a rare occurrence, but insects and tree fungi have been known to enter people's homes by way of natural Christmas trees. 


Ultimately, the choice of whether you will have a real or artificial tree this holiday season is up to you! The important thing is that you make the right decision for your lifestyle and household. We hope our pros and cons list has helped you out!

Whichever tree you choose, we hope that it brings joy to your home and your holiday! Remember to sit back and enjoy it with a mug of Hot Cocoa or Egg Nog. (If you need a new mug for yourself or a friend this year, check out our Funny DGY Coffee Mugs) 

Happy Holidays from Darn Good Yarn!

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