Chriss Smith Rocks!!! Her Etsy store is magnificent! - Darn Good Yarn

Chriss Smith Rocks!!! Her Etsy store is magnificent!

So, you know how sometimes life puts the coolest people in your life? Well, Chriss has been this person for me with Darn Good Yarn.

She owns this great Etsy Store which you can visit by clicking here!

Sari Silk Patchwork Bag/ Purse

Hemp Shower Bath Puff

So, I know that we all have the best intentions to knit or crochet gifts for our friends and family...but if you're like me, OMG where the heck does the time go? It's like, I get home, cook, clean, put the never-ending pile of laundry away... and I'm supposed to craft now?! It breaks my heart, but sometimes a clean house is better than a hand-made gift....this is where Chriss comes in. She is this master crochet-er based out of British Columbia... see, we're international here at Darn Good Yarn:)

The Sari Silk Fringe Neck Piece/ Scarf/Bib

I mean look at all these crafts Chriss crocheted... and think about the time you will save and the looks on the faces of the people you give these as gifts to...or the look on your own face when you get yourself your own gift..hehehe!

Oh yes, please watch out for exclusive patterns by Chriss which will only be here at Darn Good Yarn!