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Buy Unique Homemade Gifts!

by Nicole Snow May 02, 2014

Buy Unique Homemade Gifts!

Fantastic Feats of Yarn


Sometimes, you run across fiber artists that blow your socks off and I have the privilege of supplying yarn to this type of artist, meet Nancy of Nancyyule.com! Please take a moment and poke around (and buy!) http://www.nancyyule.com

It will inspire and amaze you. I bet you never thought fiber could loop and turn and suspend the way Nancy makes it. I didn't either until I saw the pictures! Feel free to click on any of the pictures below and it will take you over to her site!

Thank you for inspiring all of us Nancy!

Nancy in Action
Glorious Purses Made by Nancy
Write your dreams in this fiber laced notebook!
Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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