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Best Yarn for a Blanket

by Kate Nitti February 10, 2017

Best Yarn for a Blanket


To me, there are few things as peaceful and beautiful as a morning. Especially those quiet, cold mornings where the sun is reflecting off of the snow and I can calmly sip my tea under my coziest blanket while watching Good Morning America. For that hour or so, I don’t have a care in the world outside of my couch.

For a little weekend inspiration, Darn Good Yarn wants to share some of our favorite yarn to make a blanket! We have yarn for thick blankets, knit blankets, crocheted blankets and light-made blankets. Whatever you’re looking for- Darn Good Yarn has it.

Chunky & light:

If you’re lucky enough to live in a seasonally warm location, I have two things to say to you:

sari ribbon

First, I had to clean 1 foot and a half of snow from my car of snow today so I am infinity jealous. Second, you should check out our Chiffon Ribbon
 for a light and airy feel blanket opposed to a heavy and warm material. I love our Chiffon Ribbon because each yarn is hand crafted and unique- so there aren't two skeins that are the same. Knitting with multiple skeins make for a beautifully unique design. For the best results, we recommend using our 15mm knitting needles. If you want a little heavier of a blanket, you can use  multiple strands. Depending on your desired length and weight, we recommend using roughly 10 skeins. 



If you're like me and live in a city where the air actually hurts your face half of the year, I feel your pain. Trust me, I feel it regardless of my numbingly cold body. 

banana fiber I also understand your love for a heavily knitted blanket that is soft, warm and cozy. To achieve that look, we recommend using our  100% cotton cestari yarn or our  banana fiber yarn. Each will give you a soft and warm textured blanket.

While knitting, always use the needle size recommended for your yarn. Our  banana fiber yarn should be used with 9mm needles. For a chunkier look with our c hiffon ribbon put multiple strands on 15mm needles. 

Let us know your favorite way to use your blanket! Whether its laying on the beach and watching the stars, snuggling a baby up in a car seat or draping it over your favorite furniture. We love hearing from you! 






We LOVE seeing your beautiful creations! Post them in our comment section below with the hashtag #darngoodyarn!

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Kate Nitti
Kate Nitti

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