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A Darn Good Hack: Knitting with Multiple Strands

Alright ladies, January is officially over *cheering in the background*

This means that most of us have probably ditched our gym routine but have thankfully run out of our Christmas leftovers...unless you’re like me and freeze all of your pies for when you don’t want to go grocery shopping. One guess for what my favorite thing to pair with leftover pie is? Wine, knitting...and yes, more wine.

3 balls of blue and gray yarn, a wooden yarn bowl, wooden knitting needles, and a gray knitting project all on a white background

So, what's in right now? Chunky knitting. And what’s not? The price tag. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we like to make your life darn simple. So here's our hack of the week to achieve this look: knit with multiple strands of yarn!

How to knit it:

There is simple ways to knit with multiple strands of yarn. You just have to buy multiple skeins of yarn and bring the strands together. Easy, right? Also, we suggest, so you don’t end up splitting the stitches, to twist your skeins together and then wind as one ball (as seen below).

The Good:

You can get the chunky look without the pricetag! That is enough advantage for us-but it gets sweeter. The stitch allows for a thick and warm knit which is perfect for winter apparel! But, if you're like me and want to finally celebrate spring and warmer weather, you can use extra large knitting needles with a drop stitch to create a light and airy pattern!

Bonus: You can get very creative with the texture, color and design by joining different yarns. Check out one of our favorites, English Gardens Dyelot 2, for creative inspiration!

The Bad:

Your yarn can quickly become unruly. At times, you may struggle to keep the skeins separate and non-knotted. Our quick fix? Utilize our wooden yarn bowl!

Wooden yarn bowl holding a multicolored ball of yarn, sitting on a beach next to the ocean

Watch out, It can also become tricky if you split one skein in half because the yarn can be uneven and you can quickly run out before your project is complete so we recommend using multiple skeins to be safe.

Knitting tutorial and pattern:

To replicate our look grab your 90mm needles and your favorite yarns and wine.

We recommend using Lace Weight- Tidal Pool, Silk Blend Sport Weight Yarn 80-20 Rule- Vintage and Banana Fiber Yarn- Slate. Cast on fifteen stitches, twist together, knit through into first row and purlthrough into the second row. Repeat until you achieve your desired length and cast off.



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