A new take on shipping supplies

Good morning my loves!


Today I wanted to tell you about the most recent happening... if you're an indie artist (Etsy etc) or you do a lot of shipping then this post is all for you. I use a lot of poly bags to ship out your yarn all over the world. A couple of months ago, one of our fellow Darn Good Yarners asked me if I ever heard of the store EcoEnclose. After some research, I found that not only did they carry a full line of eco-friendly shipping supplies (that Darn Good Yarn is now integrating into its packaging!) they are super-duper cost effective! So, we made the switch and feel great about doing yet another good thing for the environment because, yeah, we do that reclaiming fiber yarn thingy:)

But here is more info about EcoEnclose. Great company, fast shipping and I'm so happy they are part of the Darn Good Yarn supply chain!

Eco-friendly shipping supply options are long overdue…earth-friendly businesses like Darn Good Yarn can testify to this! The good news? Green shipping supplies are now available and they are here to stay. Better late than never.


EcoEnclose, LLC is the third successful eco-business venture launched by Erin Kimmett. The earth-friendly shipping supplies available to businesses today through EcoEnclose were developed in response to the frustration felt first hand by Erin, a packaging quandary shared with many other business owners holding similar green values. Not only do EcoEnclose innovative products provide peace of mind to the conscientious business owner as well as consumers, but they likewise send a positive message about the concern a business has for the Earth we share.

EcoEnclose today is a family-owned and operated entity offering a solid selection of sustainable shipping supplies to those aiming to package more responsibly. Most EcoEnclose products are entirely unique in the marketplace, manufactured in the USA, and cannot be found elsewhere. We continue to innovate, design, and augment our robust line of sustainable shipping products and are driven by the enthusiasm and energy of the like-minded, light-treading companies we serve.

visit http://www.ecoenclose.com/Default.asp