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9 Reason Why the Sari Wrap Skirt is a Vacation Staple

So, you're planning your next vacation. You've got the destination, the tickets, the reservations, and the luggage. All that's left is deciding what to bring! This step to planning your trip is key and can make or break how much you enjoy your time away! Packing for a vacation is always a challenge. You can't bring ALL of your clothes, but you still want to pack enough to look your best every day. 
Our solution for this is the sari wrap skirt. These skirts are the ideal clothing item to bring with you on any extended trip! Need proof? Here are our 9 reasons who the sari skirt is a perfect vacation staple! 

1. They are Lightweight and Easy to Carry. 

sari wrap skirt held by woman's hands and blowing in the wind over an incoming ocean tide

As most travelers are aware, airlines have a mandatory weight limit for luggage that can be packed onto a plane. Keeping your suitcase under 50 pounds can be a pain, and more stress than it's worth. Luckily, our sari wrap skirts are lightweight and can be folded into a compact size! Don't weigh down your luggage with jeans and bulky clothing when you can bring these light and portable skirts instead! 

2. They are Comfortable to Wear on the Plane and/or on Long Car Rides.

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt standing in front of a black car

When it comes to sitting on long plane or car rides, a necessary part of travel, comfort is of the utmost importance! You could wear sweatpants or running shorts on the plane. But, why not be comfortable and look your best at the same time? The light fabric and breathable nature of a sari skirt makes it ideal for long rides! 

3. They Will Help You Get through Airport Security Faster.

Woman standing in front of a stone wall and tying a sari wrap skirt around her waist

You know those metal detectors in airports? Most of us roll of our eyes as we remember times that we've had to remove watches, shoes, belts, and other articles of clothing before being able to walk through without triggering the metal sensor. A good way to avoid this annoying experience is to wear clothing items that don't contain any metal. Because they fasten with a tie instead of buttons or a zipper, our sari wrap skirts will never cause problems as you make your way through security before your flight! 


4. You Can Wear It to the Beach as a Bathing Suit Cover or Dress It Up for Dinner/Evening Festivities.

Two women wearing sari wrap skirts as dresses and standing on a hill overlooking an ocean

We are not exaggerating when we say that these skirts are some of the most versatile articles of clothing you will ever own! Take a look at our guide to 5 Ways to Wear Your Sari Wrap Skirt. These skirts look at home on the beach or at a dinner party paired with an elegant blouse! 

5. You Will Draw Attention Wherever You Go.

Close up of woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and winter boots

These handmade skirts are each unique. No two are alike! That means that you won't be wearing the same thing as any other tourist, hotel guest, or party attendee. If you're the type that loves to meet new people on vacation, your sari wrap skirt will definitely help you in this area by ensuring that you stand out! Be ready for questions about where you got your skirt, and for new friendships! 


6. They are Reversible!

Close up of woman wearing a sari wrap skirt in front of a white lattice background

The best clothing to pack to wear for a vacation is clothing that can be worn more than once! All of our sari skirts are reversible, meaning that you can wear them for days in a row without anyone noticing that it's the same skirt. Pack tops that match both sides of your skirts and fit double the amount of outfits that you would normally be able to in your luggage space! 

7. You Can Run to Catch a Cab or a Tight Connecting Flight in These! 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and walking across a road on a sidewalk

When you think of clothes that you can run in, skirts are probably not the first thing that pops into your head. Sari wrap skirts are an exception. These flowing, free, and fun skirts are loose enough around your legs for you to run as fast as you can to that airport gate that's closing in 10 minutes! 

8. You Will Inspire Others to Do Darn Good. 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and blue blouse standing in front of a fence in front of a body of water

Every purchase of our sari skirts helps to sustain the jobs of the women in India who make them. When you buy and wear these skirts, you are supporting these women and Darn Good Yarn's mission to Start At Love. Wearing these skirts on your next vacation will provide ample opportunities to start conversations with others and inspire them to do the same! 

9. They Work in a Wide Range of Temperatures: Warm or Cold. 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and oversized cardigan while walking down a street looking into a shop window

Weather your vacationing somewhere warm or somewhere on the chilly side, your sari skirts should go along with you! With the innovative power of layering, these skirts can be worn in colder weather as well as warm weather! It all depends on what you pair them with. Check out our guide to Wearing Your Sari Wrap Skirt Year Round.

We hope that we've helped you prepare for your next vacation and to make excellent packing decisions! If you have a good story about bringing our skirts on a past vacation, be sure to let us know!