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Fall Outfits | Wear Your Sari Wrap Skirt Year-Round

Written by Cat Brady

It finally happened.

The grocery stores have begun, once more, to roll out their pumpkin-flavored items. We all know what this means: Fall is on its way! While it may still feel a little too early for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (It is ever too early?), now is the time to start thinking about fall fashion. New looks are appearing in stores, school is starting back up, and visions of cozy sweaters and boots are beginning to dance in our heads.

One of the most fashionable, versatile, and comfortable pieces for autumn is the Sari Wrap Skirt. Not sure how to style them? We’ve got your outfit inspiration right here!

 Fall Jackets
Two models bottom half showing off their fall sari wrap skirts with jackets.

To make it easy on yourself, start with a simple jacket. Easy to find, simple to care for, and goes with anything, a good denim jacket or leather jacket never goes out of style. It is a must for fall. Wear over a tank top or bodysuit tucked into a Sari Wrap Skirt for a clean-cut style.

Chunky Sweater
colorful sari wrap skirt and a chunky sweater

There is nothing like the feeling of slipping on a cozy sweater when the fall weather first starts to appear. Our favorite sweaters are stashed away in the back of closets get to finally make their comeback. Tuck it fully into your skirt or tuck it half in + half out. 

Tights or Leggings
Model wearing a mini sari wrap skirt with tights and tall boots.

As the days get a little chiller, add tights or leggings underneath your skirt to add a layer of warmth. This look is also just super chic!  Wear it with tights to the office or with leggings when you hit the apple orchard. 

Model wearing a tan cardigan with their sari wrap skirt

Just like Ms. T. Swift we are a BIG fan of a cardigans. It's an easy layer to throw on over a tank top or graphic t-shirt. It keeps your arms warm but still shows off the cute layer underneath. Keep it neutral or pull a color from your skirt to match it. 

Close up of two women wearing Sari Wrap Skirts with Boots and Booties and standing on a wooden surface
When you think of wrap skirts, your mind might instantly sprint to a summer shoe.  Those footwear choices work well in the sunny summertime, but you will need to transition to a more appropriate fall shoe as the weather turns cool. Worried about pairing booties with your wrap skirt? Don’t! A pair of low booties can give your legs even more length, especially if they have a heel.  Look for neutral colors and fun features such as cutouts and metallic details or suede.
Fitted Turtleneck or Crewneck Sweatshirt
Model wearing a beige turtleneck with a red sari wrap skirt.

Style your sari wrap skirt with a fitted turtleneck or crew neck sweater tucked in. Throw on a pair of leggings for added warmth, and a chunky necklace to pull it all together with some pizzazz. Makes for a great work outfit in the fall - comfy with just the right amount of personality.

Meet the Author

Close up of the author, Cat, who's wearing a black and whtie geometric zip-up jacket. She's smiling at the camera and sitting in front of a light purple wall.

Cat has been a part of the DGY team since February of 2022! From running live events in NYC, to marketing in Boston, and opening her own online thrift boutique, Cat is our star fashionista!