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9 Best Plastic Bag Alternatives

Plastic is one of our society's biggest issues, and plastic bags are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste. Luckily, it is an easy problem to remedy. We have compiled a list of our nine favorite eco-friendly plastic bag alternatives.

The Market Tote (DIY)

The Market Tote in blues on a wooden table

The market tote is a great all-purpose bag. It is medium-sized, which means it is perfect for carrying groceries, children's toys, or even to use as an every-day purse. It can be made using our reclaimed chiffon ribbon, or with our watercolor silk ribbon. It is a great bag for intermediate-level crafters, and comes in a wide variety of different color options. So, if you are looking for a gorgeous bag to store all of your every day necessities, the Market Tote is a great option for you.

The Violet Summer Tote (DIY)

The Violet Summer Tote on a wooden tableThe Violet Summer Tote

This beautiful tote bag is a great option for anyone looking to sport a stylish, over-the-shoulder carry-all. The sturdy and incredibly soft Violet Summer Tote is one of our beginner-level patterns and is made by crochet. The yarn used is our cotton t-shirt yarn, and comes in a variety of colors to best fit your desires. All you will need to make it is a crochet needle, measuring tape, and a tapestry needle. Anyone looking for a lovely and light-weight yet sturdy summer bag will love this eco-friendly plastic bag alternative.

The Sari Silk Tote Bag

The Sari Silk Tote Bags hanging on a treeThe Sari Silk Tote Bag

This unique tote bag makes a beautiful and empowering alternative to plastic. These bags are a basic square shape, perfect for carrying crafting supplies, bringing to the beach, or even taking to school or work. The best part about this tote is that it is handmade at a co-op in India that is doing great work with women. Each of the Sari Silk tote bags is made from an old sari, and folds up so small that you can take it with you anywhere you go. The color options are numerous and each bag is unique to your order.

Sari Silk Purses

Sari Silk Purses on a white backgroundSari Silk Purses

Similar to the sari silk tote bags, the sari silk purse are also a sustainable and empowering way to support women. They are made by Nepali women using old sari material. With adjustable straps and a zipper closure, these beautiful purses are a great addition to any tote bag collection. They are lined, which make them sturdy enough to carry anything you need, and the pocket on the inside makes them easy to organize. Each purse is unique and one-of-a kind, making it one of the more fun and interesting plastic bag alternatives.

Boho Sling Crossbody Bag

Boho Sling Crossbody Bag worn by a woman wearing black on a white backgroundBoho Sling Crossbody Bag

For those who love to connect with their inner-boho spirit, this simple and cute crossbody bag is just the thing. Each one comes with adjustable straps and can be zipped using the large metal zipper sewn into the bag. These bags also have a large inner pocket to make storing smaller items easy. No two totes are the same, which means every order will come with a completely unique, Himalayan knit, sling bag.

The Anna Tote Bag (DIY)

The Anna Tote Bag in blues on a wooden benchThe Anna Tote Bag

Another one of our kit-made totes, the Anna Tote bag is one of our patterns that is best for intermediate-level crafters. The bag is made of our upcycled sari silk ribbon, and is soft yet sturdy. Its medium-size makes it perfect for bringing to work, the playground, or grocery shopping.

Alp Oriental Cable Tote (DIY)

Alp Oriental Cable Tote in reds on a white backgroundAlp Oriental Cable Tote in reds on a white background

This gorgeous bag is a larger, knit style tote. It is a lovely red velvet color and is an intermediate pattern. Its unique design and large size make it an ideal option for carrying all of your every day necessities, such as groceries, crafts or yarn, or even library books.

Beach Day Bag (DIY)

Beach Day Bag worn by a woman on the beach

The Beach Day Bag is a great bag to make for beginners. It is small and perfect for carrying items like sunglasses, a cell phone, or a camera. Its stylish circle crochet design makes it a great option for a walk on the beach or even a walk through town. This adorable bag comes in a pretty rust color and makes a great eco friendly alternative to plastic.

Bombay Express Clutch

Bombay Express Clutch on a white backgroundBombay Express Clutch

The Bombay Express Clutch is one or our ready-make bags. It is a great option for a night on the town, or a quick trip to the grocery store. Sold in three colors and made with leather and cotton, this cute and stylish clutch is perfect for nearly any occasion.

While the idea of giving up or reducing plastic bag usage may seem daunting, there are so many different options to use instead. So, get out there, find your favorite bag, and save the Earth!

Beach Day Bag worn by a woman on the beach