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8 Must Have Knitting Tote Bags & Organizers

Written by Kate Curry

Every knitter needs a project bag! You wouldn’t believe how much stuff we crafters have to cart around to make our gorgeous fiber creations! Yarn, needles, buttons, zippers, needles, measuring tape, stitch markers - the list never ends! If you’re looking for a knitting bag and you need some inspiration, let us guide you through some gorgeous knitting bags! 

Our Favorite Knitting Tote Bags

Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag

A person wearing a black shirt is holding a teal storage bag, stuffed with yarn and notions

This portable bag offers a sturdy soft-sided shape that will keep even the most prized needles and hooks safe and sound. The exterior features a large zippered compartment for your less delicate items (patterns, stitch markers, chapstick, etc.). And let’s not forget those gorgeous 8 pockets, perfect for organizing all your knitting odds and ends.

Fat Quarter Storage Bag

A black, rectangular storage bag, holding dozens of folded fabric squares.

Okay….so technically this is a fabric storage bag, but trust me when I tell you : you can store a TON of yarn in this bad boy. If you’re the type of crafter that needs to bring a metric ton of yarn with you in your trunk, this storage bag is the perfect option!

Reduce Reuse Recycled Tote Bag

Reclaimed Rice bag, farmers market bag with red leaves in the background

100% recycled rice bags. Each rice bag has been on a journey of its own in Nepal! They are handmade at our partnered co-ops. Each bag is 100% unique and is ultra-sturdy. Sure, there’s no pockets inside this tote, but it can take a beating and still look beautiful.

Sari Silk Purse

A multicolored patchwork tote bag is resting outside on a picnic table

Are you looking to carry your knitting around in style? Each one of these Sari Silk Purses is a little different and handcrafted with love by the women in our co-ops in Nepal. They are made with reclaimed pieces of sari material, and well-lined to make them sturdy enough for your knitting wares, to hold school books, or even baby supplies.

Market Tote Kit

A green and purple handmade market tote bag is sitting on a weathered wooden table.

Do you want to make your own crafting tote but don’t know how to knit a tote bag? You can knit or crochet your very own market tote kit to carry around all your crafting goodies out of our unique chiffon ribbon yarn. Each skein of chiffon is a one-of-a-kind wonder made from reclaimed textiles. It's true that no two are the same and it's what will make your tote a true piece of art! 

Need A Little Extra Organization? 

Assorted Cotton Drawstring Pouch

5 Assorted Cotton Drawstring Pouches on a white background

Perfect for holding stitch markers, buttons, or other small notions, these unique cotton drawstring pouches can help you keep track of your crafting stock! 

Counting Sheep Button Bundle

10 packs of stitchable sheep buttons arranged in front of a teal background. 10 packs of 3 buttons.

Looking for some adorable little sheep buttons and a printed case to hold them all? And when you purchase them, you'll be supporting the employment of women in South Africa! Organized and people-friendly~! 

Paisley Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case

Model had the Paisley Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case sitting on their lap with crochet hook and knitting needles peaking out.

Looking for a storage solution for all those pesky knitting needles or crochet hooks? We have the perfect answer for you: our Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Case! The long, rectangular zippered pouch is just the right size for storing your knit and crochet essentials and is small enough to fit into a larger project bag.

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