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6 Of Our Favorite Stockinette Stitch Knitting Patterns

Written by Kate Curry

The stockinette stitch is one of the first you’ll learn when you start knitting. This stitch is made by creating one row of knit stitches and then one row of purl stitches and repeating. This simple stitch is used to create stockinette stitch sweaters, bags, scarves - and more! The stockinette stitch has a wide range of uses and is relatively easy to learn. If you want to learn the stockinette stitch, we have you covered! 

Check out the stockinette stitch at our Stitch Learning Center!

If you’re itching’ to keep stockinette stitching, I’ve got some of our favorite patterns that include your new favorite stitch! 

Cell Phone Shoulder Bag

Small Cell Phone Shoulder Bag knit from multicolored yarn sitting on a wooden surface

Just need something small to hold your phone and a few other items? This is a super swift knit that will do the trick! This bag knits up super fast in a stockinette stitch and takes just one skein of gorgeous chiffon ribbon yarn. Sling it over your shoulder to take to a concert, out to a day at the museum, or for a quick trip to the store. 

Lotus Lace Shawl

A mannequin is facing away from the camera, wearing a lacy and flowy light pink shawl made out of pink hand beaded silk yarn

This Lotus Lace Shawl is a delicate pattern inspired by the elegance of the lotus. With several areas of stockinette as well as a repeating lace pattern, this shawl will keep you engaged without being too challenging.

Emerald Bay Shawl

A woman wearing jeans and an ombre green shawl is curled up on a comfortable couch.

Curl up with a good show, some squishy yarn, and this easy knit pattern. The Emerald Bay Shawl ripples and flows like a wave. With its simple construction, this project is perfect for relaxing and enjoying some down time. 

Fernweh Shawl

A woman with long wavy brown hair is facing to the side of the camera, wearing a black, grey, and white shawl over her shoulders.

The Fernweh Shawl Knitting Pattern is an easy pattern suitable for knitters of any skill level. With this pattern you'll learn to fade colors without counting stitches, as well as knit stockinette and picot stitches. This shawl is lightweight and warm, perfect for traveling or wearing with everyday outfits.

Serendipity Lace Weight Silk Shawl

A woman with braided blond hair is wearing a grey handmade shawl over her white long sleeved top outside.

This lace weight silk shawl is the perfect project and wardrobe addition for the cool late summer and early fall nights! This shawl is one of our most popular patterns! 

The Magnolia Beanie

A beanie made from rainbow worsted weight watercolors silk yarn is laying on a grey cushion.

This cute, cable knit beanie will keep you cozy for whatever the weather may bring! Made with our soft, Worsted Weight Silk Yarn, this beanie can be knit up in everything from neutral to ombre tones. If you’re still learning, we have KAL videos to go along with this pattern for you! 

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