15 Summer Yarn Projects

Summer is upon us and summer yarn projects sometimes take a different turn. Most of us are not working with thick wools or working on that large afghan. Those type of projects are for cooler days and fill the dark days of winter with joy. So, if cooler weather is for those type of projects, what do we work on in the summer? Here are a few great ideas for what to work on or work with for summer yarn projects.

1.Here at DHY,  we love our silk cloud yarn but wondered "how can we make this better"? Well, who does't love a little sparkle?  And that's just what we've added to this great yarn. Silk Cloud - sparkle collection is perfect for your light and breezy project and with that added sparkle, it's like streaming sunshine in your yarn!

close up of yarn skein

2.Another great summer yarn is sport weight linen yarn. Linen is a perfect summer fiber, easy to work with and easy to wear. This yarn is a 2 ply so it has a solid feel and yet, is light and comfortable for summer yarn projects. This comes in some luscious summer colors so would be great for any of your summer hats, scarves, or clothing.

3. Summer time is the time for fruit, right? Well, have you thought about creating friut out of fiber? Pom pom fruit , courtesy of mprintables.com, is a fun and creative way to use up some of your odds and ends of fiber. And using up fiber means you can make way for more! You know what I really love about this fruit, no fruit flys!

woman wearing a turquoise yarn beanie

4. I am a gardening junkie and just love to be out working my gardens when I am not knitting or reading! One of my favorites is the Gerbera flower and this pattern is so sweet for having those bouquets year round. Can you imagine the places you can go with this pattern by Oddknit.com? What if you were to use some recycled sari silk to make this? I have been putting flowers on hats of late and they look adorable!

5. Speaking of hats, how about this great summer slouch kit from Cre8tion Crochet? Lorene created this pattern to go with some of our silk cloud yarn and the kit is just fun and easy. Hats in the summer are a great thing for those days when the wind really blows, you want to make a statement, or you feel a bit of coolness in the air.

6. Do you get to spend more time with the kids and grandkids in the summer? Hobbycraft.com has this wonderful pattern for a finger knitting jump rope ! The fun part about this is you can make it together and then jump rope, too. Some lovely chiffon would make a neat jump rope.

woman showing a black shawl

7. Phew! All that jumproping has made me tired! How about doing a little something for yourself this summer? This lace weight silk shawl is delicate and pairs well with the black all -purpose dress or jeans, too! This pattern is exquisite and this photo shows the design elements well. Perfect for those summer nights!


8.I don't know about you but I love spending time with the grand kids! This Yarn tipi , courtesy of fableandfolk.com, is a super fun idea. Have left over yarn to use up? This is a great way to play and create with your kids! I am a big believer in giving them the experience of fiber. Besides, summers are all about making forts!

10.The fort is made and now the real adventures begin! Imaginative play, a nook for reading, or an all-out crafting adventure can all take place in your fort or where ever you like. Woven craft stick butterflies are a great idea for using fibers, craft sticks, beads, and pipe cleaners and this is a project we definitely will be doing this summer, thanks to the craft train.

multiple yarn projects with text that says "make it sari silk bangles 2 sizes of kits darngoodyarn.com"

11.Summertime is the time for bangles! You can make your own using the DGY sari silk bangle kit. Whether for yourself or as a project with the kiddos, this bangle project is fun and gives everyone a chance to be creative! Each bangle has your own creative touch to make it unique!


12.We all need to be careful of the sun this time of year but this crocheted summer sun  is one that we all can use! Thanks to repeatcrafterme.com, this pattern gives you all the sun you need! Nice on a door and this could also be great for a porch or sun room with just the right amount of sunshine!

woman wearing a yarn dress

13.Chiffon is a light and wispy fiber, perfect for summer yarn projects. The chiffon summer layering top kit we have at DGY is perfect for a beach cover up, a lounge in the shade of the apple tree, or a pool party. This top is all about the fun days of summer and shouts out for more!

14.After all the busy days of summer and some pretty crazy nights, too, you deserve something for yourself. Watermelon coasters created by Tess Shearer pop with the fun of summer. So grab that lemonade,your crochet hook, and find a shady spot in the yard. This is one sweet and juicy project you don't want to miss!

woman smiling with children

15. Still not sure about what you want to make this summer? Try something reall fun with our summer mystery yarn pack where you get a selection of our top quality yarns and YOU decide what  the next project is. It's like Christmas in July! 

Stay cool and keep on crafting with love from the DGY staff!