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Sari Wrap Skirt Bundle

  • Tired of:

    • Settling for comfy clothes that makes you look not your best?
    • Not having that special and fun something that you just feel great it?
    • Fast fashion destroying the planet and enslaving the people who make it?

    Ya, us too.

    Little did we know our artisans in India and Nepal were making the perfect solution already.

    Introducing the Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

    These skirts are made from the same beautiful reclaimed sari silks we use in our yarn, so they’re super soft and bursting with beautifully colored patterns.

    They’re adjustable so they’ll always fit a woman’s ever-changing body.

    Light, and breezy so they're perfect for hot weather or laying over your winter legging.

    Oh, and since they’re made of reclaimed sari silk, they’re super soft and bursting with beautiful colored patterns.

    Creative Ways Women Use Their Skirts
    • Hiked them all the way up and create a one-shoulder dress
    • Drape them over their back and create a cape poncho
    • Combine them with their dresses to add creative flair to ordinary outfits
    • Use them as activewear for yoga or chasing down kids outside
    • Travel with them all over the world so they always have something colorful to wear
    • Replace their frumpy sweats with a sari skirt on that rare day off around the house
    • Wear them over legging to add a big splash of color during boring old winter
    • Give them as gifts because all their friends keep asking where they can get their own
    • Get compliments left and right for their artistic style and creative flair
    Where we get these skirts help underprivileged families and the environment

    After a few years of wear, Saris start to come apart, and instead of throwing out the elegant fabric, crafty women in India salvage pieces and create other items.

    This creative innovation has allowed Darn Good Yarn to create over 600 careers for underprivileged women and men that can now provide for their families.

    So always remember that when you shop at Darn Good Yarn, you’re supporting positive change in the universe.

    Are you ready to look fabulous, be comfortable, and support artisans at their craft?

    Imagine looking into your closet and seeing bright colors that fill you full of joy and inspiration.

    You’re confident you can create a brand new outfit on the spot and still be ready before everyone else.

    You no longer have to ask, “What can I wear?” You get to ask, “What can I create!”

Sizing Guide



Girls 4/5-13/14
Waist: 18-24"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 0-12
Waist: 23-40"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 8-20
Waist: 28-46"|Length: 32-34"


Womens 14-32
Waist: 35-60"|Length: 40"

      Step 1: Choose Length

      AnkleLength: 33" (Goddess: 40")
      MiniLength: 20" (Goddess: 28")

      Step 2: Choose Size

      Kids Girls 4/5-13/14
      Womens Size 0-12
      Plus Size 8-20
      Goddess Size 14-32

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