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Sari Wrap Skirts: How To Measure Yourself

Written by Kate Curry

If you’re new to sari wrap skirts, welcome! We’re here to show you how you can measure yourself to get the perfect fit and length. It’s time to break out the good old measuring tape!

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Measure Your Waist

Place the start of your tape measure on your natural waistline, this is about two inches above your belly button.  Once you have your measurement, you can compare your waist measurement to our charts on our skirts. We have adjustable sizing, which means that there is no set size for just one size.

Mini Length
US Size Waist Length
00-4 20"-34" 19"-21"
2-12 22"-40" 19"-21"
8-20 28"-42" 19"-21"
14-32 36"-54" 28"-30"
Tea Length
US Size Waist Length
2-12 22"-40" 28"-30"
8-20 28"-42" 28"-30"
14-32 36"-54" 33"-35"
Maxi/Ankle Length
US Size Waist Length
00-4 20"-34" 28"-32"
2-12 22"-40" 32"-34"
8-20 28"-42" 32"-34"
14-32 36"-54" 36"-40"

For example, if your waist measurement is 52 inches, I would suggest our 14-32 size, also known as the Goddess size. This size would be perfect for anyone with a waist measurement of 36 inches to 54 inches, so a 52 inch waist size would fit perfectly in that!

Get The Right Length!

For length, it’s time to measure again! Now that you know your size, you can take a peek at the lengths that are offered in that size. Take your measuring tape, start it at your waistline and pull your tape down to the length of the mini, tea, and ankle length of your size. Be aware that some different sizes do have different lengths! 

Using this method, you will see how the skirt of your size will rest on your leg!

And that’s it! Super simple! 

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