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Queen Bee Rug Hooking Kit By Parris House Wool Works

These original designs from our friends at Parris House Wool Works are beginner-friendly kits to get you introduced to rug hooking. All of the wool comes cut and ready to hook! Generally, kits are cut to size 5.


The pattern on high-quality rug warp with serged edges. 
All wool, yarns, and materials required to complete the design as shown. 
A photo of the completed piece is also included as a guide. 
Materials for binding/final finishing are not included as there are so many possible options.


All finished pieces are 6" x 6"

Please note, the photo is an example only. Parris House Wool Works attempts to make kit wools and materials as close as possible to the photo, however varying wool/material availability does not always allow for a perfect match.