Model is wearing a green kameela knot headband in her hair.
Model is wearing a sari silk kameela knot headband in maroon. The headband has mandala symbols on it in gold and blue.
Model is wearing a pink kameela not headband in her hair while standing in front of some green plants.
three models wearing assorted Kameela Knot Headband while standing outside
Model is standing in front of a brick wall wearing a red kameela knot headband in her hair.
Woman is sitting in a big papasan chair with an ocean blue sari silk kameela knot headband in her hair. There's gold symbols on the headband.
Woman is smiling sitting in a garden wearing a brown sari silk kameela knot headband with blue florals on it.
Model is smiling wearing a brown kameela knot headband in her hair.

Kameela Knot Headband

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Why You'll Love It

  • 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India. Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own! They are handmade at our partnered co-ops. People Friendly. Earth Friendly.
  • The Kameela is a comfortable, stylish, and versatile headband that's great for casual or professional wear!
  • Works with you! The elastic band allows the headband to keep up with any style!

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