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30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Pattern

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at arm knitting? I was hesitant for a while and then one weekend I had three balls of my chiffon ribbon. I held three strands together, cast on 6 and arm knitted the full length of the skeins.

To my delight, I created a glorious poofy scarf that wraps and wraps. If I want to be cool, I wrap it loosely around my neck and let the ends flow. If I want to be warm, I can get up to three wraps around my neck and zip up a coat. But because it's chiffon it's not a heavy weight scarf which allows you to wear it through the seasons (and into air conditioning!).

You'll need three skeins of our chiffon ribbon yarn which you can find HERE. When each skein is different, it makes your finished project a one of a kind art piece that you can wear. The chiffon is light and floaty, and the colors are vibrant, varied, and impactful. Each chiffon ribbon hank is 100 grams which gets you over 80 yards of ribbon. The ribbons are a mixed bag of silk and polyester. Have fun choosing a combination that will make you smile!

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