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The Best Yarn Collection: Starting at Love...

We really love yarn. What can we say? There’s so much to love the possibilities are endless! Yarn has followed us through generations. With its humble beginnings as a woolen by-product to today’s countless fibers - both natural and handmade - yarn’s versatility serves as a catalyst for both practical and creative endeavors.

Here at DGY we are so thrilled to offer a vast and varied yarn selection that is sure to meet the needs of any yarn lover. We even offer vegan yarn for all our animal lovers out there!

At Darn Good Yarn we believe that everything we provide to our customers needs to begin at love, one of the pillars this company was founded on. Our yarns utilize textile waste, are fair-trade and sustainably sourced, and offer a living wage to women entrepreneurs in India and Nepal. Working with Darn Good Yarn allows these women to have employment all year round. Another core value here at Darn Good Yarn is thoughtful sourcing, we always make sure we are being honorable every step of the way! We work with our suppliers to provide the best opportunities for the artisans that work to create our marvelous yarn. These amazing men and women provide us with ethically sourced yarn.

Every skein of yarn is handcrafted just for you! From the pulling of the yarn, to the spinning and dying, every step is done by hand! No giant conveyor belts or assembly lines will ever be used in the making of our darn good yarn! We are very grateful for the amount of time, energy and love that our artisans put into each skein of yarn.

The yarn’s powerful impact does not stop there! Darn Good Yarn is proud partners with a chapter of the Arc New York. The Adult Residential Care Program (ARC) is a non-profit committed to providing employment for adults with developmental disabilities. These amazing individuals pack your orders with the same amount of love the yarn is created with. Our products positively impact the lives of hundreds of people and we want you to join us!

No matter who you are or where you are from we want you to join Darn Good Yarn on this remarkable journey of ours as we strive to end sweatshops and unjust working conditions for underprivileged artisans. We strongly believe, unlike some clothing stores, that no one deserves to be confined to a factory, standing in an assembly line doing the same motion for hours on end. The creative process is a beautiful one that should be cherished and could never grow in those conditions.

Here at Darn Good Yarn we will continuously strive to be the most ethical and moral company we can be! We love making a positive impact on the world and we challenge you to do the same. Our yarns give back in a big way, and we think that is darn good. So if you’re a knitting/crocheting/crafting pro or a crafting novice, we are so happy you are here and can’t wait to help you find something that perfectly fits your needs.