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Beginners Weaving Pattern - Boho Urban Wall Hanging


This easy weaving pattern was designed by our friend Allie at AP Woven Goods. Utilizing some basic weaving techniques, this wall hanging pattern is great for your first weaving project!

Designed By: Allie Pille / AP Woven Goods
Craft: Weaving
Category: Decor
Materials Needed:
Thick & Thin Wool Yarn - Undyed
Herbal Dyed Silk Yarn
Speckled Tweed Recycled Silk Yarn - Stormy Day
Natural Herbal Dyed Cotton and Viscose Blend Ribbon
Lap Loom (not included)
Tapestry Needle (not included)
Scissors (not included)
A piece of Driftwood or a Dowel to Hang the Wall Hanging.(not included)