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Knit Smock Stitch

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Smocking Stitch (Multiple of 16 stitches + 4)
Cast on 36 stitches. 
Row 1 & 3: *k2, p2*
Row 2 & 4: *p2, k2*
Row 5: *insert right needle between stitches 6 and 7 on the left needle, wrap yarn around the right needle as if to knit, pull the loop through and put it on the left needle, knit it together with the first stitch, k1, p2, k2, p2, repeat smocking stitch* to last 6 stitches, p2, k2, p2.
Rows 6 & 8: *p2, k2*
Row 7: *k2, p2*
Row 9: k2, p2, *repeat smocking stitch described above on the next 6 stitches, p2* 
Rows 10 & 12: *p2, k2*
Row 11: *k2, p2*
Repeat rows 1-12 for pattern.