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How to Crochet: The Zeroes and Crosses Stitch

Video Tutorial

The Zeroes and Crosses Stitch

Size: 6"x6"

Gauge: Stockinette | 4x4 in DC = 12 Stitches | 8 Rows

Yarn: 20g or 24yds of DGY Worsted Weight Recycled Silk

Crochet Hook Size: 5.0mm (or size to achieve gauge)


CH - Chain

DC - Double Crochet

Sk - Skip

Chsp - chain space


CH 28
Row 1: 1 DC into 6th from the hook, *CH 1, sk 1, DC into next st. Repeat from * across. Turn.
Row 2: CH 3, sk next st, work two crossed stitches: 1 DC forward into chsp, 1 DC back into chsp just skipped working behind the DC so as not to catch it, *1 DC forward in next unoccupied chsp, working behind 1 DC back into previous chsp; repeat from * to end when last forward DC occupies turning chain, 1 DC into next ch, turn.
Row 3: CH 1, 1 DC into same stitch, 1 DC into next stitch and all across, working last into the turning chain. Turn.
Row 4: CH 4 (counts as 1 DC, CH 1), skip 2sts, 1 DC into next stitch, *CH 1, sk 1, 1 DC into next stitch; repeat from * ending last stitch in turning chain.
Rows 5-13: Repeat rows 2-4 three times. Bind off.