Crochet The Mixed Cluster Stitch

Video Tutorial

Swatch Pattern

The Mixed Cluster Stitch 

Tools & Materials:

Worsted weight recycled silk

5.0mm crochet hook

Special Acronyms Used: 

MC: Mixed Cluster

How To: 

YO, insert hook and draw up a loop. YO and draw through one loop. YO draw through two loops (two loops remain on the hook), SK1, [YO, insert hook and draw up a loop, YO and draw through one loop] twice. With 6 loops on the hook, YO and pull through all loops. CH to close.


Ch 20

Row 1: Working into second CH from the hook, SC. Repeat across. Turn.  (19 sts)

Row 2: CH 2 (counts as HDC) MC in same stitch. Repeat across beginning your MC in the same stitch as the previous. End with MC in last stitch, HDC in same stitch. Turn.

Row 3: CH 1, SK 1, SC across, with last SC in turning chain. (19 SC sts)

Repeat rows 2 - 3 until your piece measures 6”

Bind off. Weave in ends and block lightly.